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  1. I created a real mess on my workstation a while back when I had parallel installations of CCSv4 Code Size Limited (for MSP430) and XDS100-bundled. The only way to solve it was to deinstall everything and install a 30-day full version trial (which I have since extended). If I'm lucky, the shopping department will figure out a way to order a fully licensed version by the time my trial expires Has the situation with multiple CCS installations improved with v5 ? Cheers TomKraut
  2. I don't have a PC without CCS installed at hand, but shouldn't this help? http://processors.wiki.ti.com/index.php ... USB_Driver Cheers TomKraut
  3. If the reset doesn't occur anymore after adding the 1nF cap, it seems like you have an ESD/EMC problem of some sort. Without better knowledge of the rest of your circuit this is of course just speculation, but you might want to look into some kind of ESD protection circuit for the charger input if you haven't done so already. Another (less likely) possibility would be a drop in the MSPs supply voltage. With the debugger connected, it is possible that the
  4. Do you have a 1nF cap between GND and Reset? We had a similar problem with one of our first MSP430 designs. Adding the capacitor solved it. Cheers TomKraut
  5. Have a look at NXPs PCA9622: http://www.nxp.com/documents/data_sheet/PCA9622.pdf It has a standard I2C interface and can be put to sleep. However, there are no DIP versions available. TBH, I would be more interested in the charlieplexing solution. A google search for "rgb charlieplexing" suggests that it is very much possible Cheers TomKraut
  6. The only USB oszilloscope I have ever worked with was a PicoScope at college. I haven't heard anything good about another brand, because they usually have pretty lousy software which makes them almost useless. At work we are using Agilent 7 series which have USB and Ethernet connections, but that is a whole other level. Personally, I'm looking to get a 2205 MSO, but that goes for twice as much as you are willing to spent. http://www.picotech.com/mixed-signal-oscilloscope.html However, better to save up a little more than wasting what is also a significant amount of money for something t
  7. Considering that you would need some sort of driver anyway (MOSFETs for example...), and that many Value Line MSPs don't even have enough GPIOs to connect 12 channels, I think using a dedicated LED controller with serial interface might be the best approach... Cheers TomKraut
  8. This sounds absolutely awesome! I'm pretty comfortable with AVR assembler, so if I find the time, I will look into porting it myself ... no promises though Cheers TomKraut
  9. Thanks to zborgerd and Rickta59 I was able to order one ... and now I even have a spare code. If anybody is interested, PM me.
  10. Damn... Between 43oh joining the SOPA protest and me living in Europe, I never got a chance to snatch a code in time. I wonder how many people tried the captcha a dozen times or more because the codes they received were not working. Do those generated codes count against the deal's limit? I sure hope so and that TI throws in some additional pads... I've been waiting some time on a Fraunchpad deal... Cheers TomKraut
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