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  1. I put this kit together specifically as a project for a parent to do with his/her kids. The robot requires no soldering, but does require mechanical assembly. The kit comes pre-programmed for line following, but of-course you can plug-in a Launchpad and program it to do whatever you want. The kit includes 4IR range sensors that can be used for long range (12 inches) obstruction detection as well as line detection. Just a fun kit to introduce yourself or your kids to the fascinating world of robotics. EMGRobotics No Solder 4IR Line Follower Robot Kit A complete line following r
  2. EMGRobotics Low-Cost MSP430G2553 Robot Controller Board with Dual DC Motor Driver and IR Range Sensor I built a board to help people get started in robotics using the MSP430G. The board has as many robotics systems that I could fit on a 1.5" x 1.25" board: Features: Board ships fully assembled Board ships with MSP430G2553 in socket ( 16K flash, 512 Bytes RAM, A/D converter, ... ) $17.00 version Runs on 3 volts ( 2 AAA batteries ) FAN8200 dual DC motor drive in socket - Control up to two 3 volt DC motors Control up to 4 RC servos Built-in IR Range sensor to detect objects up to 1
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