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  1. Hi! I've seen a post about a graphic tools in Code Composer Studio to analyze data, but in my CCSv.4 it hasn't that option. It is a plug in? Do you know where I can get it ? thanks
  2. Hi there, I constructed a code that read's ADC10 from several of pins and then send the information to the PC over UART comunication. So far so good, the only problem is that I recive the information in ASCII character, that means that I receive in symbols because the number of voltage is in float(1.2-2.0V). How do I manage to send the information over UART and view it in numbers? Thank YOU
  3. Yeah, if I could just store my data directly from CCS from an interval of time It would be great!
  4. Isn't it possible to use a simpler way ? Like creating an array in the flash memory ?
  5. Is to be attached to the pc! do you know any tutorials or something like that, that could help me? Thank you
  6. I would like to take the values from samples like every 30min at a time. I'm measuring from 5 channels at a time, and I can see the value on the CCS composer changing, at I would like is to have a line of code that could in about 30min at a time, take the value of measure voltage and store it somewhere, along with the time. I'm guessing it isn't too hard but I don't have any idea how to do it :s
  7. Hi there, I'm doing ADC10 on the Launch Pad , and I create an array called Samples, that store the voltage from 5 channels. I want to know if it is possible using Code Composer to store this values from the array in some kind of memory along with the time it was taken ? thank you
  8. scrubs

    ADC MSP430

    do you any line of code, or some kind of tutorial to do this kind of project?
  9. scrubs

    ADC MSP430

    The MSP430 is powered via USB by the LAPTOP. What I want is to measure the voltage or current, coming from a battery in a circuit with some resistances. Regards, Miguel Amaral
  10. scrubs

    ADC MSP430

    Hi ! Does anybody know if it is possible with the msp430 launch pad to measure and monitor the voltage drop of a 1.3V battery ? Thank You, Regards
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