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  1. Well my project needs to use an MSP430 and MQTT, don't ask me why (the one who gave the project is crazy...) The cheapest method would be an esp8266 module (8 pin module ESP-01)
  2. So I have to figure out a way to connect my MSP430f5529LP to a local broker on a Raspberry Pi through MQTT. It is important that I use an ESP8266 as CC3100BOOST would cost me like $50 over here when I can get an ESP8266 for like $4. I went through various pages and stuff in search of codes and libraries and couldn't find a single one. This is part of my college project and I really need to get this done. Does anyone have any idea on how to work with ESP8266 for MQTT using AT commands as it is my last resort as I can't find any libraries for MSP430. And BTW, TivaC would also suffice. The b
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