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  1. Made a basic laser security system with the msp430 launchpad. Video here: Going to use this for a school design project so i'll have to add some flashey features such as a nice loud alarm, a laser deactivation code and 2 layer pcb +enclosure to pretty it all up.
  2. I assume Stellaris is the name of a family of M3s? Not quite sure what the family of the M3 were using but the part # is LPC1763 Digikey part # 568-4796-ND ..attempted to post the link but your friendly spam filter wasn't happy.
  3. Hey all, wanted use the MSP430 launchpad for a simple for a hoby based security system project. Please forgive my incompetence, i'm still sadly a student. Ideally I wanted to send serial through a laser and receive it via a buffered LED sensor feeding back to the MSP430. I would then compare sent versus the received and if the same, the alarm wouldn't be triggered. Among many issues I see the main issue with this is timing. If i'm bit banging serial how am I going to check my received bits? Any ideas how to go about this? Ideally i'd just like to use 1 MSP430g2231.
  4. Hey all, I'm a EE student and been working with John Deere as an intern for a year now. Been working with alot of various micros and wanted to start out on the msp430. Also learning the ARM cortex M3 at school with our embedded design class. Nice site you guys got here! Verry well designed. Nice job on the graphic design! Was a part time graphic designer also. My hoby crap can be seen at superiorgamer.deviantart.co(spam my butt =P) m if your interested. Anyhow, looking forward to some reading and learning on here. Cheers!
  5. On this topic, has anyone found a tested and working LCD driver for the HD44780 in a 4bit parallel mode? I saw one from hive76 but theirs had some issues that would be abit too painful to debug.
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