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    Zevyseacuus reacted to bluehash in More Smileys, please!   
    Here's a :eh: , but no hugs. Sorry... But if you can find me one...
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    Zevyseacuus reacted to bluehash in Hosting Provider Help   
    Thanks all. Good to know hosts that you have experience with.
    @nuetron.. The sit's using less than 5Gb/month. But since there are alot of queries(PHPbb and Wrdpress.. that spikes CPU load)
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    Zevyseacuus reacted to cde in I2C & SPI at the same time on MSP430-RF2500T board?   
    Just saw this. Jeez. Well, best thing to do in that case is to have the interrupt check the i2c status and try to clear/reset it before going into SPI. Otherwise the i2c chip will get fubared until reset. I'm not sure if the interrupt is blocking or non-blocking, but a blocking interrupt will ruin the i2c transfer.
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    Zevyseacuus reacted to hlipka in TI Sample Program   
    I think Maxim limits email addresses to .com and .org (and maybe .edu). Last time I used my company email.
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