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  1. Ads are great and 43oh should not have to ask its visitors and guests about a trial run. Go for it, if the people that come to this site do not know how to keep ads from appearing in their own browsers while visiting this site then maybe they deserve the big flashy in your face ads.... Also, google is really good about targeting to specific demographics (hell if you call it that anymore, more like personal data) so its not like we will be seeing ads about irrelevant crap.
  2. Great Job Nickey Do you have any data on the duty cycle (how much power consumed over time) for your application? It would be great to see a low power fail safe mode to keep the 12 volt system from dropping below a certain level and allowing the starter to be able to start the motor once again for recharging.
  3. PCD8544 chip on glass could be dead. Have you tried a smaller test code or bit-banging the spi port with junk data? The one I have shows junk data at start up if I do not clear the registers at start up similar to how you described so I am unsure if it is dead. Let me ask how you have the lcd connected to the msp430? Are you running at 3v6 ,3v3 or what? The lcd needs 3v3, over voltage may effect it or kill it. the msp430 can go up to 3.6 which may cause the chip on glass to not work (over volt protection mode?) try adding a 10uF cap between vcc and ground on the pcd8544 I will find my
  4. the lm chips are a good choice although you can get 20 of them for what radio shack charges. A 7803 or 7805 is a better all around choice because it uses less external components compared to the lm chips. Also, in your circuit I would isolate the 12 volt relay from the msp430 in case the pump stalls or some other event burns the relay out and shorts it to the low voltage side which will burn the msp430 out as well. Not trying to discourage your original plan (you know your setup and requirements better then anyone). But couldn't you design a 12v power supply to run off mains that you coul
  5. I have an old IBM dot band printer that I salvaged for parts. Check out the blog in my signature to see pictures of this. I know that some companies still use these older dot band printers for financial reporting and payroll checks because of there durability and fast high volume printing capabilities. The one I have is a 4234 series 2 in which the steel dot band is in great shape. If you or your company need a replacement part for this printer I may still have it. Make me an offer but know that the majority of the hardware is being re-purposed as a cnc router. although, some things l
  6. @nickey, Your project sounds familiar. Are you going to use this in an automotive environment? Just curious. Since its 12 volt lead acid you can use many popular vehicle cell phone chargers to get well regulated 3 and 5 volts for the msp430. If the size of your project is no concern then you could always use a couple of "D" size batteries to power the msp430 instead of the 12 volt source used for the pump or even a small lipo setup to recharge from the 12volt. (the msp430 uses very little power and can be made to run a long time on a couple of D cells). Have you considered using 555 or 556 ti
  7. @nyordanov, Are those fork connectors on your lcd glass contacts like those in the example site? I also have this same lcd out of a nokia 3310. The fork idea is interesting but I suspect that it will scratch the conductive material off the glass if the forks move around too much. The way I made this work was I kept the nokia pcb that I salvaged the lcd from. The pcb was attached to the lcd via a metal frame that snapped into groves cut into the pcb which sandwiched a conductive strip between the glass contacts and copper traces on the pcb. I soldered thin wires to the copper pads below the c
  8. infrared


    @gwdeveloper, Thanks for the blog post and git. Grace does make it easier but it brings a whole new level of understanding to msp430 line. I am torn between Grace and using my own eclipse set up. Anyway, I have been trying to get an SPI to talk to several peripherals using Grace and programmatic problems are keeping me from switching the interface type during run time. kinda like you are doing with the timer and led on the board. My problem is trying to connect in parallel different SPI peripherals using the same spi line in MOSI. The different peripherals use a different spi config an
  9. infrared


    /* need to use the CSL module to generate the CSL code */ var CSL = xdc.useModule('ti.mcu.msp430.csl.CSL'); var USI = xdc.useModule('ti.mcu.msp430.csl.communication.USI'); CSL.configApiVersion = "beta3"; /* these modules should be part of every project */ var WDTplus = xdc.useModule('ti.mcu.msp430.csl.watchdog.WDTplus'); var GPIO = xdc.useModule('ti.mcu.msp430.csl.gpio.GPIO'); var BCSplus = xdc.useModule('ti.mcu.msp430.csl.clock.BCSplus'); var SYSTEM = xdc.useModule('ti.mcu.msp430.csl.system.System'); /* set stack and heap sizes as appropriate for MSP430 */ Program.sysStack = 0; Program.stac
  10. infrared


    I recently downloaded and installed Grace in to CCS and played around with it. Has anyone else used this? I am confused by the auto-generated code in the source view. I assume I add my code and make a call to it from the auto-generated source page by editing it. If I get this to work for me it would make configuring the msp430 a point and click ordeal. It is pretty straight forward as far as the config goes but I am lost at what to do after the config. It errors out and stops the compiler. But if I just do the config and compile it works.
  11. The xmega protolab is back in stock from gabotronics. The link is above in this thread for those interested. It would be awesome to see a fx5xx series as a small scope like the protolab. I ordered mine today and will report back my thoughts on it.
  12. The Motorola Atrix 4G is the worlds first dual core smartphone running Android OS. The uniqueness of the Atrix is the Docks that can be purchased as accessories. There is a multimedia dock that has an infrared remote control, 3 USB ports and connects to the display via a pass through HDMI cable. The phone has a Ubuntu "webtop" application that starts when plugged into the dock. (there is even a really cool laptop dock that turns the phone into a full laptop) @BlueHash I did not tear one down to find out. A dev @ http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=963938&page=9 specificall
  13. Seen the chip in a MultiMedia dock for the dual core tegra 2 Moto Atrix. Will give away a launchpad to the first person to publish the code contained on that chip.
  14. its just enough for what I need it for and it can be reprogrammed with a pdi... I know its not TI or MSP430 but it is avr (i think). I think the msp430 crowd deserves something similar. There is a launchscope project on the forums. just a thought.
  15. I am waiting on a xmega proto lab. I came across it on hackaday and I must say that it is worth the price. It has a spi spy along with tons of other features I need to develop with. currently sold out but here is the link and they will send you a notif when back in stock.http://www.gabotronics.com/development-boards/xmega-xprotolab.htm
  16. I appreciate the ideas. I will definitely need a ceiling fan (did not think of that!!!). I will check out the mylar but since this window faces the street I doubt I could get away with it from the wife. Maybe some darker insect screen? I should invest in to some landscaping to shade the house better. The larger lcd is used for entertainment such as hulu, netflix and other streaming/internet stuff. Because of that,it is on ~3 hours+ at a time. The vnc idea I have tried and do use (there are 8 more desktops/rack mounted in the garage that were once in the room as well). Something is up with the
  17. Have you tried PuTTy? windows terminal can be funky... I'm moving along at learning the interrupts and am interested in this also. The terminal on windows has always given me issues so I use Linux when working with serial com. But PuTTy is on win and it works with the beagleboard perfectly within windows. Im eager to see if you get the uart usb talking to a terminal. The possibilities are endless but i'm thinking of some good prank gadgets for the pc over COM... BTW. I just checked out the f series experimenters board in zeke's link. Now I want one. That thing is awesome. Its like a launch
  18. Last summer my room that serves as my "control center" became too uncomfortable during the peek of hot Texas summer temperatures. The house has central cooling with an (imo) over-sized 2 ton AC. The room is situated on the west wall of the home. I have several computers with multiple (lcd) monitors and most of them remain on to perform routine task. Relocating them to another room(attic) and routing cables is not an option. The main heat source is a 37" lcd and an aging media center pc. There is also one other desktop and 2 laptops plus a small netbook in the room. The laptops and netbook rare
  19. @cde, I read through the CCB specs when I found the sanyo chip in the sony face and discovered that it is similar to the first chip's bus as well. Finding the datasheets for ic's is the obvious first step and I appreciate the links. I understand that spi should work and have uploaded code to the launchpad over 100 times with trying to get something out of the lcd's of these chips. From reading the ccb spec I should be coding: init USI --> wait for clock to become stable --> load USISR with 41h address for lcd driver, send --> pull CE high --> send 156 bits of display d
  20. found a similar lcd segment driver in a sony face... Its a sanyo lc75824. It uses a similar serial interface. Would like to try to talk to these lcd's but I do not know how to stream that kinda data to them...
  21. @BlueHash Feel free to purge the off-topic postings in this thread and cde's lcd thread under projects (sorry about that one, I had multiple browsers on multiple machines going trying to figure it out)...
  22. here is a screen showing that I am logged in and I can see when post are given thanks but no thumbs up button... https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/dCy1eiEP3lc85uogWJ-2Vw?feat=directlink
  23. its the same way logged in and not logged in. I can post a screenshot with being logged in just to clear up any confusion...
  24. nope no thumbs or quote button... maybe its disabled in prefs... USICKCTL = USIDIV_5 + USISSEL_2; // divide by 32 using smclk @1mhz I am sure this is the proper clock rate. so after I set up the USI I will need to loop with a delay. In the loop I will check the register and if empty fill it; Pull CS high then start clking data out. reload register then repeat while loop?
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