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  1. Hi, I am trying to use the capacitive library (rc method) but i get some strange behaviours. First, i develop a program which measures the capacitance of a 20 pF capacitor with a R of 13,25 Mohm and it worked fine. The problem is that I measure the Vref and the Vinput (with an opamp as a voltage follower) with my oscilloscope and i see disturbances in the signals. For instance, not a great square wave signal in Vref and sometimes the Vinput doesn't reach the 3.3 V. Maybe the problem if that i can`t measure the signals... I am doing this in order to measure a capacitance in a pa
  2. Hi all, Thanks for that. I was forgetting the rst pin. How silly... Thanks.
  3. I have checked it with mu oscilloscope and it works ok. It is not about the input of lm317 because the output it's fine...
  4. Yes, it is 1.8 V. It's checked. The problem is that nothing happens. Whereas, doing the same to the launchpad it works ok. Now, i am connecting a dc transformer from main power to the lm317 but i have a 50 hz wave in each led. Just in that pins of the msp430... It's really strange... I think that i am forgetting something that the launchpad has.
  5. Hi, I have a little problem with my msp430. I am sourcing it through a lm317 which transforms the 3.3v of a battery to 1.8 v. Then i am trying to light some leds. The problem is that it doesn
  6. Oh, sorry. I did not know where to post it. Won`t happen again.
  7. Thanks. Because I have a MSP430G2553 and i do not want to have unstable results I will read the official documentation and, with the examples given by TI, I will develop my own program. I guess this is the best solution. Regards.
  8. What do tou mean with all your needs? Which are the disadvantages of using this library? Is there any general library? I have seen MSP430Ware, but i am not sure if it is for my G2553...
  9. Thanks, but that link is for USI i2c and not for USCI i2c... Maybe it is more helpful working with the registers like the examples...
  10. Hello, I am working with MSP430G2553 and i was wondering if there any library to this microcontroller. I have seen the code examples and the registers are modified to do something. I am thinking like high level programming. For instance, libraries for i2c or adc would be ideal for me. Thanks!
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