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  1. DarkmIb

    Places we buy things...

    A new thing for me- the Bree stores turn over inventory too quickly. If you visit another store and then come back the good stuff is gone.
  2. DarkmIb

    adxl350 calibration

    We will test this. Thank you for your patience. Are you sure that the speeds are not to high during machining and therefore machine loses some steps?
  3. DarkmIb

    PCB Standards

    Hi everyone,The cost of Gold finish for PCB manufacturing is high, can anyone suggest a good quality PCB manufacturing with Gold finish with reasonable cost? thank you in advance, David01
  4. DarkmIb

    Places we buy things...

    Theres quite a few pages on Facebook for DD and SmD discussions if youre on there. Thats really the only places I know about besides here. Billy
  5. I have a client that wants to switch SEO companies. The ones they have used in the past seem to be about the same as the current one. Anyone have positive experiences with SEO companies that you would recommend?