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  1. Today the hardware files for the launchpad are available at TI Peter
  2. A simple battery charger may not have ANY filter capacitors. The output may be just rectified AC Peter
  3. Hi Nathan Thanks for posting this code. It worked as advertised. There are however several small comments I would like to add. On launchpad 1.5 the p1.3 switch requires pin pulup to be enabled: P1OUT |= Button; P1REN |= Button; // enable resistive pullup on switch message_num = (int)message[i]; //Cast string char into a int variable UCA0TXBUF = message_num; // write INT to TX buffer In the above code the 2 lines can be simplified to : UCA0TXBUF = message; // write string char to TX buffer Also your red Error LED is not defined as
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