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    I would like to use a Launchpad to control 8 relays, could this same code be used by making some more "ledPin"'s, one for every relay. Is the code converted to work on a MSP430, because it looks like it is done for an Arduino? Could someone give me some example how to edit the code so that it can be used for 8 relays?
  2. I'm also having some issues using this with the built in UART to display the values through the USB port. I have tried touch's code (here) without modifications and have a few times got output at the USB serial console. Normally it doesn't output anything at all, but if I switch the jumpers on the launchpad from software to hardware UART when it is already powered and connected to USB, it has a few times shown the output on the console just fine. Then if I closed the terminal on the pc, and opened it again, it didn't work anymore. Does anyone know what I could be missing..?
  3. Well, I have now tried and tried, but I can't figure out how to transfer the picture frame code (unmodified) to my MSP430. I have imported all files to a new project and if I right-click on main.c on the left side, and go to Debug As.. -> Debug configurations.. I can select MSP430 as CPU and press Debug, and press "connect target" in the right-click menu on the "TI MSP430 USB1/MSP430 (Disconnected/Suspended)". Then I get "No source available for "0xfcc2" " and don't really know what to do. Is there any guide about how I could import all the files and compile and transfer to the MSP430. I ha
  4. I got 2 pcs of revision 1.5 on 11th January.
  5. Great, thanks! At least it looks like it could be used with two sensors too, actually I think the picture frame control will not disturb me but I will probably try to take it away.
  6. Yes, I already found a better code for the arduino which also shows minus now. Could someone point me to an example code which reads DS1820 sensors and prints out the value to the serial port..?
  7. Hello! I have just ordered two MSP-EXP430G2 LaunchPad kits, and I would like to use one to replace my arduino to which I have connected two DS18B20 temperature sensors. I would also like to connect 1-2 DHT11 humidity sensors to read humidity (no need for temperature readings from them if it's complicated). I can also skip the DHT11 totally if it makes everything too complicated, and only one DHT11 sensor is totally ok. It is also ok for me to have the DS1820's connected to different pins, it is probably easier then when there is no need to care about the 1-wire addresses and so on? So I w
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