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  1. Hi, guys. I use ENERGIA on Windows 10 with two launchpads; MSP-EXP430FR2355 and MSP‑EXP432P401R. The low power modes for instance http://dev.ti.com/tirex/explore/node?node=ACF129zBlYdZobLAvNAIKw__IOGqZri__LATEST MSP430FR2355's LPM4.5 mode, http://dev.ti.com/tirex/explore/node?node=AG55-ANEqflMyH6kh9dbJA__z-lQYNj__LATEST MSP432P's LPM4.5 mode examples were a good reference when using CCS. I want to migrate these examples when I'm using ENERGIA. Are there functions to enter LPM4.5 or other low power modes when using ENERGIA?
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