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  1. Hi, I am trying to invoque the BSL with the following code : #define BSL_PARAM 0xFC48FFFF // I2C slave address = 0x48, Interface selection = Auto #define BSL_API_TABLE_ADDR 0x00202000 // Address of BSL API table #define BSL_ENTRY_FUNCTION (*((uint32_t *)BSL_API_TABLE_ADDR)) ((void (*)())BSL_ENTRY_FUNCTION)((uint32_t)BSL_PARAM); // Call the BSL with given BSL parameters It compiles fine when I use this code inside a C project (like the uartecho exaple) However, when I use it inside a Energia project in CSS, I get the error "Too many arguments to function" on this line ((v
  2. Hi Rei, I got some time to keep working on this project finally. Thanks, I just had a look at that post but I still have some doubts. I have been reseraching around the forum and have not found any post with information on programming MSP432 with JTAG. It's still not very clear to me how to add a new programmer to Energia, the skeleton package shared on that post only contains code for adding a new board. Can the board be programmed with JLink using one of the two default programmers for Energia (mspdebug, dslite)? Or do I need to create a new programmer? Thank yo
  3. Hi, I am also trying to add my custom board (based on MP 432) to Energia IDE as a package. My board uses JTAG. I am planning to program it using JTAG or SWD interface. Could you give a bit more guidance on what I need to modify for adding the JTAG programmer to Energia? All I see in the skeleton package is board related configuration, nothing regarding the programmer Thanks
  4. Hi, Those examples both use the CCS IDE, I can already do that no problem. However, I meant if I am able to program our custom board with JLink in Energia IDE, as our board is targeted to Arduino users. I am not sure what board I should select, as the only options are the Launchpads, or what programmer to select (the only ones that show up are "mspdebug" and "dslite") Thanks for your help
  5. Hi, Thanks for your reply I already have the Hercules _RM42x Launchpad and the MSP430 launchpad, also a Segger Jlink. Can I use any of those to program the MSP432 with energia IDE, or do I need to buy the MSP432P401R LaunchPad? Regards
  6. Hi, Does energia IDE support programming a MSP432 microcontroller on a custom board (by JTAG, SWD or UART) ? If not, what are the hardware modifications needed to support it? In the Energia website I can only see that the launchpads are supported https://energia.nu/guide/install/macos/ Regards and thank you
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