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  1. DickB

    LCD for MSP430G2

    Thanks. I got a mashup of the TI example and oPossum's code from your link working with a Sparkfun 4 line 20 character alphanumeric display. Not sure why the code in your link did not work. I did note some differences from the TI code but have not analyzed them. I do have a working display to help me debug and tune my project.
  2. DickB

    LCD for MSP430G2

    Can you point me to the TI samples please?
  3. DickB

    LCD for MSP430G2

    I'd like to add a simple alphanumeric LCD display to my MSP430G2 Launchpad, preferably serial. Looking for recommendations and C code library.
  4. Batteries last about 2 months. The gears show no real wear after over a year. The ratchet wheel gets the most wear but has held up well. The larger gears (wheels) are made from Baltic birch plywood and are quite stable.
  5. No. The pendulum itself accomplishes most of the regulation. It's period is determined primarily by its effective length, and much less so by its swing angle. The micro only influences the swing angle. It is loud.
  6. This pendulum clock is not only regulated by the pendulum, but it is driven by it. A hidden magnet in the pendulum swings past a hidden coil and induces a current. This is detected and then a current pulse is fed into the coil, creating an electromagnet that repels the pendulum to keep it moving. Others have designed and built clocks like this, but as far as I know mine is the only one using a microcontroller to fine-tune the pendulum's speed to keep accurate time. The coil's output is filtered and fed into an MSP430 comparator, set on an interrupt to wake the microcontroller up. T
  7. I'm using the Nokia display and breakout board and the LCD code from the MTK3339 GPS project. I'm getting a few random dots on my display but no characters. Bad display maybe? More likely I am doing something wrong. Any suggestions?
  8. DickB


    Been working with microcontrollers forever, but only recently got a LaunchPad. great setup and great price. Interesting to see what others have been doing.
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