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    rivalslayer reacted to GeekDoc in Launchpad+Accelerometer+Processing=Snake game!!!   
    I just did that very thing for some rumble motors.
    Total from one controller: 2 rumble motors (1 with smaller weight, 1 larger), 2 analog joysticks with push switch, 2 small PCBs with traces for silicone type buttons (and the contacts for them), a few through-hole capacitors, a bunch of surface-mount devices (including some that look like inductors), cable with USB-A end.
    I love when I can scrounge usable parts!
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    rivalslayer reacted to jbremnant in MSP430 and Nokia 6100 LCD   
    Here's a preview of my msp430 project.

    Just started mucking around with sparkfun lcd breakout board.
    Managed to take the code they had for arduino and made it work with msp430g2211 on mini breadboard.

    Next steps:
    - use simpleavr's i2c library to interface against wii nunchuck
    - make a simplegame that uses wii nunchuck for user input and lcd display for graphics
    - thinking about making the system modular by breaking functionality into 2 msp430g2211 chips:
    one handling lcd graphics and the other on game logic and wii nunchuck.
    the chips would communicate over SPI.
    - replace sparkfun's lcd breakout with low cost soloution: custom made pcb, and a few components.
    As time permits, I'll post the code, etc...
    I'll attempt to fit everything on a mini breadboard. (inspiration from simpleavr's projects)
    Let's see how this goes.
    EDIT: dang, you can hear my baby crying in the background in the video. what a nice dad. 8-)
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    rivalslayer reacted to mnpumar in Digital LED Clock   
    So here it is: (EDIT: the forum seems to be cutting off some of the pictures to the right, if you'd like to see the full version of them, go here: http://img718.imageshack.us/gal.php?g=25703750f.png)


    4 MSP430's working together





    The whole thing runs off a single 9V battery. The two digits for the hours are connected to one MSP430, and the two digits that make up the minutes are each connected to separate MSP430s. The whole thing is controlled by another MSP430 which keeps the time.
    The itself clock has two modes, one mode where it counts time 60x faster and counts 1 minute as one second. The other mode is where it runs like a normal clock. If you guys would like more information, please let me know. It took me a couple all-nighters to get it all wired together on a breadboard, but I managed to get it all done Can't wait to see what my professor thinks about it, haha.
    Special thanks to Simplevar, GeekDoc, cde, and everyone else on this forum for answering all my questions, I couldn't have done it without you guys!
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    rivalslayer reacted to bluehash in Need a favicon?   
    That is sweet! Added it to the site. I may have to tweak it a little, but this works perfectly fine. I totally forgot about favicons.
    Thank you Geekdoc!
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    rivalslayer reacted to GeekDoc in Need a favicon?   
    Do you want/need a favicon.ico for the site? I was making one for my blog, and thought I'd whip one up for you using your theme colors. Use it or trash it; you won't hurt my feelings. It took all of a couple of minutes.
    16x16px, looks like this:

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    rivalslayer reacted to jsolarski in Debouncing in external interrupts   
    you could use the WDT timer or timer_A, depends on what you have available. the other option is turn off the interrupt for just that interrupt and re-enable it right before the interrupt returns. I think the best bet is to use the WDT timer for a delay instead of a SW delay. There are other ways for de-bouncing but this is just my opinion.
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    rivalslayer reacted to GeekDoc in Eagle parts for MSP430G22xx   
    Here's an EagleCAD library for the 14-pin DIP value-line chips (probably good for any 14-pin DIP MSP430). I just corrected/modified the one bluehash posted from Enrico (his package design was too narrow [so to speak]).
    There is only the one part, with two package variants: oval pads and round pads. Hope this helps someone.
    (Seems odd to zip a 6KB file, but system won't tale a ".lbr" file. :? )
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