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  1. Awesome! Now we will have a working 16-bit Ultra Low Power Video game that will run on CR2032 batteries...
  2. WOW! That's a big thing. I never thought about big stuff with the MSP430 Value line. You gave me inspiration man! I like it. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Nice project. Can be be used to extend output capabilities. Thanks for sharing...!
  4. Ya I was thinking about it. I haven't tried it though, but I will.
  5. I think I could use timer for this job... Let's think on it a little more...
  6. I was working on a Simon Game which runs on LPM4 most of the time, and I was having some issues with bouncing. So I did waste a few CPU cycles for two specially placed delays. I have written the test code to light up two LEDs when a button is pressed and made it totally with external interrupts. When I used to work with AVRs, I used timers to debounce, but here I thought I can save too much battery if I used a little CPU utilization. I could use the timer with external interrupts but that would waste my only timer, which I have to use other purposes. Here it goes, Two LEDs are wir
  7. Thanks for fixing the footprint GeekDoc. It will help us a lot.
  8. bluehash, I definitely will fix it. I will upload it as soon as I fix it.
  9. @bluehash, thanks a lot for moving it to apt section. I really didn't notice a project section. I would post it there. Sorry.
  10. @simpleavr I used external interrupt, with a button. It did the trick. @bluehash Thanks a lot! I have this footprint only and I am afraid the width of the real device is greater than the footprint. Have to modify is a bit. @GeekDoc Ya I know, but the width was not really correct there... BTW, This is my smallest PCB.
  11. I was wondering what I could do with all the low-power I got and I decided I can make a pretty small message box, which will display a message with the press of a button. This time, it's only a message in Binary ASCII form. I used a TicTac Lozenge box and made a small home brew through hole PCB, and powered it with a CR2032. I used the MSP430G2101 micro, as that was all I needed. I went up to LPM4 mode, to save a lot of power, and ran the whole application through timers and interrupts. I hope this thing will run for a few months on a single battery. (It never turns off, it just displays
  12. Thanks a lot! I am trying to save energy by building a controlled water heater. The prob is heating is done through oil here, not electrical geysers. So I decided to build a controller.
  13. Hii... I recently got a LAUNCHPAD. TI has made shipping free in India, that was great! Saved me a lot. Thanks a lot to TI. I am excited about the fact that I can run a MSP430 for months with a single CR3032 Battery. It's awesome. Thought lacking project ideas currently, I am experimenting on various peripherals. I had some trouble with vectors on the beginning as I was more used to AVRs and WinAVR. Did have some trouble setting up IAR Embedded Workbench for MSP430, but had it working finally. Now I use CCS.
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