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    aspelveGlolve reacted to pine in I2C question on 2553 for an RFID card reader   
    Thank you very much SugarAddict! I'll try again and re-read the manuals and code
    P.s. After trying last night and 2 more hours for this morning, still no luck, perhaps I should put this particular one on hold for now :?
    Anyway I did learn something new through this:
    1. revisited ports naming convention (P1SEL, P1DIR, OR/XOR operators) on the 430 series, thanks SugarAddict!
    2. get to know more about the 2553 MCU that come with the new LP by studying the docs
    3. get started to read some simple I2C code to better equip myself e.g. at http://coecsl.ece.illinois.edu/ge423/da ... 0_i2c_02.c

    p.p.s. After energizing with a wonderful dinner, spent some time with this and tried alter some settings. Not being able to make it work yet but i'll someday Again big thanks to all who helped.
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    aspelveGlolve reacted to nuetron in The Task   
    Yeah, my dad was contemplating my enthusiasm for electronics and the 430, and he wrote that just for fun. My little sister and I got a huge laugh from it, it describes me very well.
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    aspelveGlolve reacted to bluehash in Getting into HAM Radio. Need some help   
    Wow, alot of you are operators-zeke and Fe2o3Fish too.
    I found out that there is a local club here. Also the repeater station is five minutes from my place.(http://www.wara64.org/)
    Thanks for the suggestions everyone.
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    aspelveGlolve reacted to JMLB in August 2011 POTM Candy   
    I didn't know they made PCBs
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    aspelveGlolve reacted to chimera_786 in First post ever   
    hey thanks for the link. Yeah thats pretty much what I wanted. However, coding is not my strongest point and the way the code is setup in the link that you provided, is a lil hard to follow. I think its prolly becaz of the lack of comments. I do remember a professor of mine from my university days saying: " Always comment your code..it'll not only help you but it may help others later on"
    Is there another exmaple which better documented that the one u provided above? Dont get me wrong, I really do appreciate the help and if anything it's a jumping off point. But without some explanation, the code in the link is hard to be followed. Thanks for looking.
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    aspelveGlolve reacted to SugarAddict in nanoPad - MSP430G target board   
    Just throwing this out there... Have you thought about using a similar layout as that of the ez430-T2013? If you can make it work routing wise just put another 14 pin header below the existing one, extending the length of the board and rotating the chip 90
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    aspelveGlolve reacted to RobG in nanoPad - MSP430G target board   
    Revised again.
    I figured most applications will not require 24 ports, so I have replaced the 28 pin chip with 20 pin. The size is now 0.75" x 0.9" and there is still some room left for things like another LED or switch.

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