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  1. Hi, I've been using an SD card for data storage, however, for my application it does not need to be removed. I would like to move to a more traditional type of flash storage - such as NAND. However, I would need to implement wear leveling and error correction - the code that I've found to support that sort of thing is way overkill for my application and requires a ton of RAM. Does anyone know of any code for a NAND flash support on the msp430 (or other lightweight processor) -- or could anyone suggest another storage technology or perhaps a dedicated IC to support wear leveling/err
  2. I was trying to check our your code, but the zip file appears corrupt. I couldn't open it with winrar or windows explorer. Any chance you could re-compress and re-upload? thnx, reza
  3. Part of my thesis work: http://tiny.cc/tricorder Submitting because someone asked me to, but I can't release the full schematics,etc.
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