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  1. Do you know if there are any cheap CC3000 boards (similar to the CC2500 ones) sold somewhere? Or is only the TI evaluation board available/
  2. At that link there is only modified slaa325a. Which is good because it probably takes much less kB than simpliciTI
  3. Unfortunately this offer is only for US, Canada and Mexico.
  4. krzyk2

    MTK3339 GPS

    I mentioned this in other data logger thread, wouldn't it be better to add a SD (micro?) card to this better than using a memory chip? If it would store the data directly to the card, (without any FS, just write from the first bit, and add some marker at the end) it wouldn't use much more memory of 2553 and it would definitely by easier to get the data out of it, not to mention the amount of data that could be stored.
  5. This is awesome, this and the GPS module and I finally could find out where my cat (mostly wild, but like to eat what I give him) is going when he is not around.
  6. I can't find those in the store, did they sold out?
  7. Yeah, I am planing to do some SMD soldering, just because of availability (or lack of) of the through-hole components I just want to minimize shipping costs, so I'm gathering information what I would need to order for my projects.
  8. Thanks, but I don't need those right now, still have try out SMD soldering
  9. As I'm nearing completion with my project I would like to have some kind of a box for it. First I'll put it on a perfboard. I've got a dillema, how to choose this box, should I first build the project on perfboard and then start looking for enclosure in which it will fit, or the the other way, first enclosure then the perfboard. Which way would you recommend to go? Unfortunately the store I want to order those from doesn't offer diagrams of the enclosures, just the dimensions, sometimes there JPGs with more detailed dimensions, but that's it. BTW. Do you know some good enclosure prov
  10. Yeah, I saw that, but I heard that CR2032 quickly drops to 2.6-2.7v, and it might stop working, I'm just wondering if it is enough. Nice find , I really don't like the required inductor, the appropriate value is quite to find in local/net stores where I am. The only downside of the MCP1253 is that it requires >= 2v, wheres tps61097 is >= 0.9v, I need to give it a try with 1 AA battery As soon as I get the inductor.
  11. Hi, I've got a general question about powering up of projects. MSP430 requires 1.8v - 3.6v (if I remember correctly the lower bound), so it could run of a single CR2032 battery, or two 1.5v batteries (or 1.2v if NiMH, but either way two big sticks that). But most of the components that I would like to connect to it (DS18B20, MKT3339 and most others) require 3.3v so it's not enough for a single CR2032, and using two would mean that most of the second batteries power would go out as heat on LDO. Using three 1.5v batteries would add unnecessary maintenance burden and add too much weight and dim
  12. Have you thought of replacing the memory chip with a SD card? Might be easier to get the data from the logger to the PC.
  13. I can also wait for the board, for me it's also a futere project/toy
  14. eTextile board is an awsome idea I didn't know that there are such things already.
  15. BTW the datasheet for this module is here http://www.gtop-tech.com/ShowAttach?UNID=fa8848c22dbfbff87dedfe3352971bf08e6e88e6 I couldn't find the datasheet for the chipset itself.
  16. 1. Bluehash------------------------1 2. krzyk2---------------------------2(I)
  17. I've received my 10 boards about 2 weeks ago
  18. No problem. I was afraid that the post office might have lost it.
  19. Did anyone in Europe received the breakouts? I'm waiting and waiting and still nothing.
  20. I was thinking of getting a GPS module for a while, mark my interest for 3 modules (with shipping to Poland).
  21. I managed to get it working with bitbang and standard 2231 without additional calibration. While bit banging sla325a before each read was calculating on which bit position is the SOMI (for standard BIT7 it is just 7), they were calculating it each time, even for the burst read, that was causing problems with retrieval. I've attached patch for sla325a to fix this. There is one strange thing with this. Using USI I get CC2500 version 0x4f, while using bitbanging I get 0x40. I don't know which one is correct, what version does other have for the modules from the second group by? sla325a_bi
  22. Got it working finally But I had to use bitbanging on the sender, and USI on the receiver. So I think that there are some timining issues, probably have to slow things down when doing "sends" when in USI, or maybe speed things up in bitbanging.
  23. When I switched from bitbang (which doesn't give me any packet, only GDO0 informs me that someone sent something but can't get what it was) to USI I was able to get the version register value (0x4f not sure if it's correct). But now the GDO0 doesn't change its state at all when the other MSP430 sends data.
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