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    Innovating. Software Development. I'm dabbling a bit in Arduino and after missing out (twice) on an EDX embedded systems course, I found myself the proud owner of a launchpad (EX-TM4C123GXL) with not much idea of how to use it. So here I am, blundering along and hoping to build a HVAC controller for my home ...
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  1. An update. I have been able to able to run the pre-compile step outside of the IDE by copying the IDE output message (Command actually) as it appears after "Generating function prototypes...". I put this into a .bat file substituting it for <here> in the example below: echo off cmd /c "<here>" So I could correct (I think) the compiler option and then run it to create the output file called... "C:\Users\Frank\AppData\Local\Temp\arduino_build_798647\preproc\ctags_target_for_gcc_minus_e.cpp". So that is progress of sorts. Only the file is over 12,000 lines
  2. Thanks for the reply but the compiler arm-none-eabi-g++ has this message in the output "-IC:\\Users\\Frank\\AppData\\Local\\Energia15\\packages\\energia\\hardware\\tivac\\1.0.3\\cores\\tivac" which points to this file Arduino.h which contains... // Stub for Arduino header file - For added compatibility with existing arduino libraries // Include Energia instead #include "Energia.h" So I guess that Energia.h is being found. (?) Up until now, I have expected that the problem was in finding Arduino.h, but now I'm thinking that it could be something to do with one of the
  3. I am a first time user running Energia 1.7.7E21 on a Windows 7 machine. (Fresh install). My board is an EX-TM4C123GXL. (Tivia C Series Launchpad) The Problem (1 of 2) While trying to run the Blink example program I get the error "Error while detecting libraries included by..." The full message is given below. I have searched, but have not been able to locate information on where the includes should be. Switching to verbose output has provided more info but I'm not quite sure what I am looking for. The code has this as it's first line (this line does not show up
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