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  1. Haha yeah I found out that I could only play up to 100 notes before runnig out of memory!!
  2. Awesome it works!!! Thank you very much!
  3. Ooo I had no idea!! I'll try it when I get off work! So why must there be a resistor there?
  4. I have made a little music box using two piezoelectric buzzers (each one connected to P1.2 and P1.3). I also have a blue led connected to P1.1. if I wore my breadboard directly from the programmer board it works fine! But when I place the msp430 IC on the breadboard it doesn't seem to power on. I use 4 AA batteries connected to a DC regulator that outputs 3.3V to VCC. The regulator works fine. I've even tried the 5V and still nothing. I took everything off except the led and the led would not turn on via the mc. Has anyone else have any issues with this? I am new to all this so it's probably s
  5. Hello I joined this forum so I can receive guidance as I advance in knowledge in mcu and circuit design! I am currently studying for a computer engineering degree but I can't wait to start having all the fun! My friend recommended me on the msp430. My first project (besides a blinking led) is to play a classical piece on an electric buzzer! I know a microcontroller really isn't made to hold all those variables but I managed to get the first 100 notes in!! I am very pleased with it but when I take the ic out onto the breadboard I'm starting to have issues -_-'. My ultimate goal is to make a fun
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