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  1. Hi Adrian! I was in St. Petersburg, recorded the AIS broadcast and was surprised when I played it on the second frequency 162.025 at home ... it works too!))) But WDS is set to 161.975. Do you programmatically switch channels by RSSI level and after what time? If you can tell me where in the program it is. I'm not a programmer at all. Here's a video of how your dAISy looks at me)) 20190428_184322.mp4
  2. It works))) Thanks Adrian! I do not have an AIS source, but I have a WAV file that I send from my HackRF and it works)) I get a lot of errors, but I think this is the subtlety of setting frequency, gain and other HackRF settings. Again, sorry for the google translator.
  3. Adrian you can show the settings for "GPIO and FRR" that you used in the dAISy-E10-M4463D project?
  4. Thank you very much! Can this configuration be applied to si4463? You wrote about si4463, "Unfortunately two pins (GPIO2 and GPIO3) are reserved to control the RF switch that connects the antenna with RX or TX channels. But after a few minor changes to my code I had dAISy working. Here's the branch on Github: https://github.com/astuder/dAISy/tree/E10-M4463D The wiring changed: GPIO0 -> P2.0 NIRQ -> P2.5 GPIO2, GPIO3 -> no longer connected to the LaunchPad" Or I need for your "dAISy-E10-M4463D" GPIO0 configure RX_DATA_CLK. GPIO1 configure RX_DATA.
  5. Hi Adrian! I tried to figure it out myself, but .... without your help it will not work. Please, if you have time, answer a few questions. I'm trying to run your project on si4463 (revision B1), but with 26Mhz quartz. WDS does not correctly open your WDS_si4463_revb1_direct_rx.xml. I have the "Direct RX" mode, in the "RF parameters" tab there is no "Preamble pattern" item. Tab "Packet" is completely absent. In the "GPIO and FRR" tab, WDS shows a complete absurdity (((... Could you show how these things are tuned for you? Or prompt Where can I find WDS Thank! Sorry fo
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