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  1. Updating in case anyone in the future has the same problem as me: Finally figured out what my issue was. I had left some prints to Serial() in the sketch I was using. Apparently Serial() on the F5529 uses the same I/O pins I was using for my new SPI ports, so when Serial would use those pins it would mess with the WiFi module I had set up. The usci_spi and pins_energia files I had in my last post should work, provided you don't have any Serial prints. If you do, make sure to assign the Serial to other pins. All in all, I think I chose my username well
  2. [Additional context: I'm testing all of this out with the basic ConnectWithWPA example provided with Energia] So I've got a slight update on the project: When I was messing around in utility/usci_spi.cpp earlier, I was editing a copy of the Library files in the same folder as the sketch and trying to reference those directly. I didn't end up working, so I got over my hesitation to mess with the install files and went straight into the AppData to edit the libraries there (I saved copies as backups). In utility/usci_spi.cpp, I changed every instance of "UCB0" to "UCA1". Additional
  3. Nabil, I tried that near the beginning, but I'm not sure if that will work. Looking at SPI.cpp, I think that the setModule() function will only have an impact if the MSP is using EUSCI SPI, but I think the F5529 is just using USCI.
  4. What I'm trying to do: We have been developing a project for school on a MSP430F5529 LaunchPad. We now want to move our project to a custom PCB for the final part. My partner has been using the UCB0 SPI module available through the LaunchPad to communicate to a sensor while I have been separately (as in a completely different sketch) using the same module to run the CC3100MODBOOST Boosterpack. Because no one on my team has much programming experience, we are using Energia to develop the project. We first tried to start with CCS, but we were in way over our heads. Now that we have our di
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