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  1. I found the answer here: https://e2e.ti.com/support/microcontrollers/msp430/f/166/p/93961/326902#326902 SHS_1 is TA0 CCR1, as I already found out SHS-2 is TB CCR0 and SHS_3 is TB CCR1. Bljah, I'll have to redesign my PCB 😞
  2. Hello NurseBob, There is a hardware connection between timers and ADC, that allows you to trigger the ADC directly from a timer, no need to do it "by hand" in a timer interrupt. This provides constant sampling intervals, independent of any software latencies. I have been successfully using this feature on MSP430G2553. Now I am porting to F5529, and ran into this problem. In the mean time, by trial and error, I found that ADC12SHS_1 in ADC12CTL1 will trigger from timer A0.1, but can't find out from which timer ADC12SHS_2 and ADC12SHS_3 trigger. (The family manual clearly says fro
  3. I would like to trigger the sampling from a timer, but somehow cannot find the required information about the ADC12SHS bits in the ADC12CTL1 register. The family manual tells me to look in the specific device datasheet for that information, but I can't find it there (the MSP430F5529 datasheet). Also looked into the mspware C examples, but none uses timer triggered A/D. Where should I look for that info (which timers can be used, and how to set ADC12SHS bits to use them)?
  4. Hello! Have been working with G2553 for some time now, and decided to upgrade a bit. So, I bought an F5529 launchpad. When I first connected it, it enumerated four devices, so I guess it is good. Also, mspdebug recognized it immediately. But then, I wanted to try the led blinker program from the C examples, and programming failed (see "error.txt" attachment). When I connect it to USB now, it is sluggish to enumerate, even throws some (radom number of) errors (on dmesg), but eventually it enumerates debugger and serial port. Mspdebug recognizes it normally, but programming d
  5. HI! Joined the forum today. A couple of years ago, I bought an G2553 launchpad, and made some 10 or so small projects with the G2553 chip. Before I have used PICs, but have almost completely switched to 430 now, except where I need to work with 5V. Marko Cebokli
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