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    TasosVlahos reacted to DrOldies in [Energia Library] Updated SPI lm4f library TM4C123 & TM4C1294   
    (I started this [Energia Library] topic and copied my spiE library over to make it easier to find)
    I wanted to improve the compatibility of the SPI.h lm4f library to include functions of arduino user contributed SPI.h libraries. I found SPI2.h here: http://forum.stellar...two-spi-modules. This library added multi-module features but removed the 123 & 1294 compatibility. I have merged SPI2 and the core SPI libs into spiE.h and added several more function variations. 
    spiE.h best features are:
    1. Array transfer up to 255 bytes. This is 5x faster than single byte transfer.
    2. SPI2's pinMode() and digitalWrire() functions are replaced with faster macros.
    3. Support for __TM4C129XNCZAD__, __TM4C1294NCPDT__, BLIZZARD_RB1 (LM4F) boards
    4. Up to 4 instances can be defined: SPI0, SPI1, SPI3, & SPI2 is instantiated by default as SPI for arduino code compatibility.
    5. Multiple SlaveSelect pins can be used fir multiple devices on one data line. defaultSS, default +SS2, or SS1 + SS2, etc.
    I have tested this on the 129. If you have a need for it and can try it on the other boards before I upload it to github, be my guest.
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