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  1. yes I did: it said so right in the sample. In the meantime, I think I read somewhere that this particular board is old and had some issues. Apparently, you had to add a pull-up resistor 47 (kOhm) to the RDX pin. I didn't do that yet because I haven't been able to confirm.
  2. HI All, this newbie managed to get the LED lights to blink with the first basic example 'blink'. but failed miserably in the second example attempted, namely ReadAnalogVoltage. I copy the commands from the basic example, leaving out the comment lines void setup() { // initialize serial communication at 9600 bits per second: Serial.begin(4800); // msp430g2231 must use 4800 } void loop() { // read the input on analog pin A3: int sensorValue = analogRead(A3); // print out the value you read: Serial.println(sensorValue); } Somehow I th
  3. Here's another Dutch guy but living in the US already 40 years. Still, "wij spreken nederlands thuis".
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