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  1. @Rei Vilo Yes, I the sensor runs on 3.3v and I set Wire.setModule(0); Wire.begin(); in void setup() I have my wires hooked into SCL (0) and SDA (0)
  2. Hello, I am trying to port Sparkfun's library to get the apds-9960 Gesture Sensor working on my Tiva C 1294 board. I set up the library like you normally would with ardunio while changing the interrupt pin and uploaded the code to my board with no issues. The only problem is when I go to serial monitor I get nothing printed to screen. Are there any other steps I need to take in order to convert this code to work on my Tiva board? I also tried moving to code composer studio but I cant find many clean tutorials on how to use it. I also have a MSP432 that I might try to get his working on if
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