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  1. lensdigital

    Simple Radio Library for CC1310

    Thank you so much! Exactly what I was looking for! One more question if I may. When uploading sketch to LaunchPad in Energia IDE, does it upload via serial using bootloader or does it program chip directly via JTAG? I want to program another CC1310 board that's not Launchpad based, so I'm trying to figure out if I can burn bootloader into it Thanks a lot!
  2. Is there a library for CC1310 launchpad that will allow me to send simple text strings between two boards? I've read http://energia.nu/guide/ (Chapter 9), but only seen WiFi and complex iOT protocols.
  3. lensdigital

    Bootloader on CC1310

    I come from programming ATmel chips and trying to understand CC1310 and have some questions, I hope someone can answer them Does CC1310 Launchpad comes with bootloader on the chip? When I upload program from Energia IDE to CC1310 LP, does it upload it directly to CC1310 IC (via serial?) or does it use XDS110 JTAG to program it? Is there a way to use Energia IDE to burn bootloader on external CC1310 (via Launchpad's XDS110) Thanks a lot in advance!
  4. lensdigital

    How to program "raw" CC1330 chip?

    I got "Pololu USB AVR Programmer v2"... I guess it won't work, since it's for AVR chips I ordered Launchpad, so I'll program it thru it's XDS110... How would I program secondary chip via Launchpad btw? Will it program both in parallel or I can specify somehow? Sorry I never used JTAG before Look how small this module is So much more practical lol
  5. lensdigital

    How to program "raw" CC1330 chip?

    Thanks! I got 915Mhz version (915T14S). I might have to get Launchpad to utilize XDS110.... Can I use my ISP programmer i stead? These are awesome, very small. Kind of like ESP8266 but sub 1Ghz
  6. I've obtained a board with CC1330 IC that's not launchpad (it's E70 constellated module). It basically has all the power management, antenna port and access to almost all ports. I would like to use Energia IDE to program it, but not sure how. Can I just use FTDI type USB to Serial converter and connect it to chip's UART TX/RX/Reset ports? Basically how would you program CC1330 that's not on Launchpad? I'd appreciate any info I can get :)