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    memberXY reacted to gamersat678 in The Ultimate Guide To Eclipse IDE based STM32F0 Programming   
    This guide's intent and purpose is to allow a user with minimal Linux experience to successfully setup an absolutely free development environment to program the STM32F0 microcontroller with full debugging capability.
    A Linux distro, I used Linux Mint 13 (Ubuntu works nicely too)
    An Internet connection
    At least 2gb of spare hard drive space
    Familiarity with terminal
    A STM32F0 Discovery Board!

    PART 1 – Install Codesourcy
    PART 2 – Install OpenOCD
    PART 3 – Install Eclipse
    PART 4 – Setup File Directory
    PART 5 – Setup Eclipse
    PART 6 – Configure the gdb/OpenOCD
    Hope you enjoy! Any questions, comments, feedback, feel free to sound off below.Also a STM32F4 guide is on its way. When it gets here depends on how much spare time I have....

    Edit: Thanks bluehash! Guide is now hosted on arm-hq.
    v1-2 Downloads
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