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  1. Hi Sam123, Awfully sorry for the late reply. I didn't get any notification on this thread and just notice your message now... It turns out that there is initialization required in order to control these pins. This is done inside PRCMCC3200MCUInit(), so all we have to do is calling that function inside setup(). Hope it helps a bit, Dennis
  2. Hi I plan to use CC3220S P16 and P17 as GPIO output pins. I am using CC3220S_LAUNCHXL board. In TI CCS environment, I am able to drive those two pins to a logic high or low with the corresponding TDI, TDO jumpers on J3 removed. I have copied the GPIO configurations in ti_drivers_config.c from CCS environment to Energia15\packages\energia\hardware\cc3220emt\5.6.2\variants\CC3220S_LAUNCHXL\Board_init.c, but I am not able drive them in Energia. I have applied similar changes for other pins such as P62 and P18, and they are working expected, so just wondering if I am missing any configurat
  3. Hi, I tried to perform an analogRead with analog pins (pin 57 - 60) on CC3220S launch pad. Input voltage was around 1.1V. From the CC3220S launch pad schematics, there is a voltage divider ( 422 / 998 ) before ADC, so I would expect ADC code to be around 1360. However, I am getting 333 (~0.11V). Could it be there are additional ADC setup required (clock, register configuration, etc)? My code basically just calls analogRead periodically as shown below. void setup() { // put your setup code here, to run once: Serial.begin(250000); } void loop(){ int out = analogRead(24);
  4. Hi I would like to utilize LPDS mode for CC3200. I am following TI SDK idle_profile_nonos example. However, since my code was developed in Energia environment, I am trying to add PM related functions into my code. However, it doesn't enter sleep mode. Here is what I did. I really appreciate if anyone who is familiar with LPDS can share their experience. One issue I can think of now is, according to TI, they mentioned that we need to set up SimpleLinkSyncWaitLoopCallback to put MCU to sleep when it is idle. However, I am not sure how SimpleLinkSyncWaitLoopCallback is invoked
  5. Got it, thanks for the lead. I will check them out
  6. I came across this on Github. May I confirm if LPDS is now supported in Energia? https://github.com/energia/Energia/issues/623 Is there a sample code that we can refer to? Thanks, Dennis
  7. Hi Rei, I am not quite familiar with the syntax for linker. It seems like I just need to change the length like the following. May I run by you if this is the only place to be modified or is there other place require update as well? Thanks! MEMORY { SRAM (rwx) : ORIGIN = 0x20004000, LENGTH = 0x00040000 }
  8. I see. May I know where is the linker script and how to modify it?
  9. I am using rev4.1 board, so it has 256kB RAM. Can Energia IDE automatically determine what type of board and how much RAM I am using?
  10. From the compiler output, it seems like the max space is 196KB. Is it possible to increase it to 256KB? Thanks!
  11. Hi I am developing a program for CC3200. The global variables in my program consumes quite an amount of space. As I continue to develop, I foresee there will be more space required. I am seeing the following from Energia compiler output. CC3200 has 1MB Flash. Both .text section and .bss section take 196KB. It seems like there is still space available. Is it possible to change the loader configuration to extend the address space of .bss section? "Sketch uses 35440 bytes (18%) of program storage space. Maximum is 196608 bytes. Global variables use 167124 bytes (85%) of dynamic
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