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  1. Hello, Im looking for a led/display driver which can run this: http://www.taydaelectronics.com/led-display-7-segment-4-digit-0-40-inch-common-cathode-super-bright-1.html http://www1.futureelectronics.com/doc/LITE-ON/LTC-4727JR.pdf It must not take up too many I/O on the msp430, Be easy to interface with, work with and use 3.3v, preferably SMD and has internal resistors. any ideas?
  2. your supposed to, but it does work pretty well without it at least on projects sitting on my desk. i think 47k ohms is the recommended resistor unless im getting mixed up with arduino. better read the datasheet
  3. give the people rfid cards with their photo on them. rfid unlockable door? readers seem to be pretty expensive but the tags are cheap, those sticker ones look interesting
  4. Microchip's repackaged PIC18F14K50 the MCP2200 http://www.microchip.com/wwwproducts/devices.aspx?ddocname=en546923 looks interesting
  5. make sure you have stuff connected to the right pins, the datasheet circuit may mislead you by saying Vi ADJ VO while the chip's pinout ADJ VO VI : and if you have quite abit of load its gonna heat up more.
  6. depending on your application you could use one of nationals simple switcher products then either smooth out the output with caps or a linear reg. i have a launchpad running with a lm2576-3.3 just using their standard circuit though they arent exactly jelly bean parts.
  7. chibiace

    MSP430 Robot?

    it looks like they have alot of 3.3v capable parts but not all of them, of course you can use a separate power supply for 5v and tie the gnds together but then making sure the signal doesn't blow out the uC may need some extra circuitry. and it could also make it look more messy. id recommend looking in the 43oh forum for comparable projects and seeing which parts they used and how they were implemented.
  8. Alright, turns out that my idProduct was not "f430" but infact "f432" i checked with mspdebug --usb-list the id corresponds to /dev/bus/usb/00x/00x and changing the group from root to my used one worked so i created a udev file with the correct id. sudo nano /etc/udev/rules.d/69-ti-launchpad.rules ATTRS{idVendor}=="0451", ATTRS{idProduct}=="f432", MODE="0660", GROUP="dialout" saved and rebooted, and it seems to be working.
  9. haha yeah, decided to have a go at resolving this and found that out. just rebooting to test udev solution.
  10. could you do a ln -s /dev/ACM0 /dev/somethingelsehere, set the permissions on that too then make mspdebug read from that device instead.
  11. i dont know if this will help but http://mspdebug.sourceforge.net/faq.html#usb_noroot personally i just sudo with sudo mspdebug rf2500 "prog main.elf"
  12. hey these look pretty nice, anyone got a picture of one running? doubt i can get one in nz. nice though.
  13. you could also try putting some up on trademe if nobody is interested.
  14. microchip indeed has a good range and an excellent sampling program http://www.microchip.com/memory/
  15. whats wrong with a full distro? debian has a nice project called debian live. http://live.debian.net/ it has the load to ram feature. i dunno if they have all the packages in the repo though, but its pretty similar to ubuntu. http://hackaday.com/2010/08/11/how-to-launchpad-programming-with-linux/ personally ive not had many issues running linux on my home systems for the last 10 years. and most people dont go outside of their browser anyways, perhaps the odd update of their CV or a game of solitaire. btw microchip's mplabx and the arduino ide work pretty good too.
  16. chibiace


    If your in the states you can do their survey for a chance to win one of these boosterpacks.
  17. RTC, sensors, buttons? perhaps a small coin cell holder like 12mm if those would last long enough? where did you get that watch enclosure? commander keen pong?
  18. awesome, no dip package yet though
  19. I needed something to test my lm2576 3.3v switch mode power supply that i had built the other day, so i desoldered the male headers at the bottom of the launchpad and slotted in a cheap 2 way screw terminal. there is a tiny bit of over hang and only G G V are visible on the silkscreen but that is alright for me. im sure to use this for battery hookup in the future. if those 0.1" screw terminals weren't so damned expensive i would replace all of the other female headers with them. :twisted:
  20. Is it similar to how a CAN bus works? i see alot of PICs have CAN buses.
  21. barely got this much in this weeks paycheck. ill keep holding out for some more msp430 deals i think. though it does look like a lovely board.
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