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  1. those usb connectors are one of my favorite parts to solder in. dig the purple silkscreen
  2. i think you will need to try with an opamp
  3. i like the hypno matrix display vid lol.
  4. the max7219 looks pretty good and cheap, know an easy way with a low part count to use 3.3 logic? id like some AS1108 but not as easy to get hold of.
  5. and do a lsusb and check your launchpad really has that id.
  6. on fedora i was able to get around the errors using symlinks i also had the normal mspdebug and mspgcc stuff installed through the package manager. sudo updatedb and locate somefilehere are your friends
  7. lol the electrolytic cap is huge, you should throw in some green and yellow leds . mounting holes ftw.
  8. normally all i need to use p2_6/7 is P2SEL = 0; P2DIR = BIT6+BIT7;
  9. how about chips such as the msp430f2013 which have 16-bit Sigma Delta adc
  10. few days ago i make working build on my ArchLinux x86-64, but i cant give link becase i new user here and antispam engine think i spamer . Hi thanks this is the link you mentioned: https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B8SEZ58ZRPEOYlhYV0tfSjJtdzA i also had to run as root because of rxtx and do these before i could get anything to compile cd hardware/tools chmod +x build-mspgcc ./build-mspgcc ln -s /usr/lib64/ld-linux-x86-64.so.2 /lib/ld-linux-x86-64.so.2 ln -s /usr/lib64/libmpc.so.2 /usr/lib64/libmpc.so.3 got it working now. at least with blink
  11. if your not afraid of soldering deadbug to qvfn then you could sample some CC430F6137, which should be able to be programmed with the launchpad.
  12. you should wait for another half price deal.
  13. thats real nice looking.
  14. something like int x = rand() % 7; still looking for that code.
  15. voltage detector pens and those multimeters with the loop at the top can get readings but id be real interested to see a microcontroller powered from this.
  16. indeed, was thinking of making this a smd kit with programming headers and a smaller coin cell battery
  17. http://trollmaker.com/article3/arduino- ... ic-sensor/
  18. Here is a project i worked on just before christmas last year. my main use for this has been to ask it a question like a magic 8 ball and recieve an answer ranging from 1=no 6=yes Top: Bottom (strip/vero board is lovely to work with): lol no current limiting resistors. im not too sure where ive put the code, but the msp430g2231 sits in Low power mode 4 until it recieves a button press interrupt then it runs rand() and displays the number then back to sleep, ill try to keep looking for my main.c it will be around somewhere. battery still good 9 months la
  19. Im using fedora 17 64bit, no luck on getting energia working as of yet.
  20. yeah dedicated is what im looking for any experience with those? price is not an issue.
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