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  1. there is no part number just white.
  2. Hi i grabbed some of these displays from ebay they appear to be a slightly differentpinout arrangement for the nokia 5110 then what others have. ive tried a couple of the examples here on the forum but nothing happens blank screen, i think it may need some extra initialization to work or has a different chip, anybody got any experience with this model?
  3. which one already has an eagle library? would the 3528 colours look too separated, undefused 5mm leds look pretty bad the defused ones are somewhat better i think this is because the physical diodes are too far apart, i really like the one of the stellaris launchpad.
  4. how are you supposed to compare your data when you dont know what a good swing looks like? perhaps one of those wii motion plus thingies and the socket adapter, i think they are i2c, might not be fast enough. but might be handy for prototyping. bluetooth data could be sent after a swing? how to initialize the capture or if the values look like a swing it captures and sends it? would you need accurate timing? i can easily imagine a small stick board with usb rechargeable battery and a case that clips tightly on to the club. and an android and iphone app with different coloured line
  5. when the coil discharges you will probably want that diode there.
  6. All hail our corporate overlords! in a world of price fixing and passing on any extra cost and then some to the consumer/workers its hard to get by. also keep a close eye on those credit rating agencies.
  7. now if only eagle would do 10x10 boards on the free licence.
  8. wait didnt you want to use a 12v relay? anyway same thing, 12v Positive to Relay+ Diode from Relay- to Relay+ Relay- To Transistor Collector Msp430 P1.0 to Resistor Resistor to Transistor Base Transistor Emitter to 12v Ground and Msp430 Ground connected together
  9. if you have a 5v relay, you will need to supply it 5v from a separate 5v supply. connect both the gnds together from the 5v supply and msp430, p1.0 connects through a resistor to the base of the npn transistor. when p1.0 goes high it will allow the 5v to flow through the relay then through the transistor to gnd which will turn on your relay. the 3.3v and 5v are not connected as the transistor keeps them apart. but the grounds need to be connected.
  10. 43oh mobile scaling works pretty good in chrome on my galaxy s3, i hate those tapatalk nag popups.
  11. i used that blogspot site on leopard, worked ok without too many issues.
  12. acetone? melt that plastic! :-P
  13. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Lot-of-5-Green-LED-Lumiswitch-Illuminated-Tact-Switch-/120707293928?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_2&hash=item1c1ab722e8
  14. now i just need to wait 2 months for my order to arrive
  15. i bet it would work ok, perhaps this will help: http://www.eetimes.com/design/power-management-design/4011570/How-to-stabilize-a-buck-or-LDO-to-use-ceramic-caps you may not be able to tell the difference without a scope though, i recommmend some breadboading.
  16. basically all you need to do is turn on the msp430 pin which is connected to the base of the transistor. void main(void) { WDTCTL = WDTPW + WDTHOLD; // Stop watchdog timer P1DIR |= BIT0; //Set P1.0 as Output P1OUT |= BIT0; //Set P1.0 HIGH }
  17. probably not cost/time effective without samples though.
  18. will seeed cut out single rounded boards?
  19. that price is ok but twice of the 5mm ones. where does arrow say they have free shipping, their shipping help page says 30-50$ to new zealand. but says $0 on checkout but links to a nonexistent fee page. mouser/digikey are too expensive for just a couple of connectors here with their minimum order amounts for free shipping being over 100$.
  20. i got some somewhere, in this pile of rubbish i call a desk.
  21. im pretty sure these are the standard size for screw terminals, the 0.1" ones are expensive as. but i would get them if they were cheaper, id love a launchpad with them instead of male/female headers
  22. i recieved it early in the week so less then 2 weeks. still cant find those switches.
  23. anyone built these up yet? so far i managed badly cutting off the programmer section from one and now have 8 io using screw terminals and a msp430g2253, 1 led and a crystal+huge caps(couldnt find any 0805), ive got some switches around here somewhere. will also need to find some sandpaper for the bad cut
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