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  1. my fedex guy always requires signature. but in nz it seems best practice for any courier to get one.
  2. after seeing this yesterday i went and soldered on a couple of pins to the 5v and gnd. would be nice if they were paired though bit wobbly. previously i shoved a piece of hookup wire through the hole and hoped it would work
  3. can a sputnik style transmitter fit inside there
  4. wouldnt mind if they put up some booster packs for 5-10$, even 25$ chronos watches sold well i think.
  5. wow 80 degrees and it's still alive? i thought they only survived in water that was around 30 degrees.
  6. very sad. may the msp430 launchpad rest in peace.
  7. what? no 40pin dip package available?!?! pic18f4550
  8. if you scale up you would probably want that external rtc. ds3231 is nice if you get samples of them. but there are afew 8 pin chips like the one posted above that will do a real good job for data logging. 555 timer would be nice the performance should be similar to an internal timer without crystal im guesssing :-P
  9. my understanding for using a zif socket is that you can program up chips for different projects and swap them out when they are in dip sockets, but its far easier to have a couple of pin connectors and program in circuit without removing the chip or if the chip is surface mount. you just remove the chip from the launchpad and jumper across VCC,GND,TEST,RESET to the same pins on an external chip and program like normal, this could be done with a ribbon cable etc. ofcourse if your making kits or something they are useful and a huge batch of preprogrammed chips can be made up. btw
  10. and swapping chips is fun and all but perhaps think about putting a spy-bi-wire port on your devices 3.3V (not needed if your device is powered by a battery etc) GND (but you need to tie grounds together) TEST RESET
  11. i would highly recommend some strip board, instead of pad per hole stuff for making a pcb to sit on top of the launchpad.
  12. looks like its raining for the next two days, after we just had 2 weeks of hot sunny weather.
  13. sd16 on the 2013 is not quite the same as the adc10, but it can do some neat things too.
  14. we're all going to die!! oh the humanity wont somebody think of the children!!
  15. hey, im looking for a c code example of the best/easiest way to convert the adc10 reading to a string for use on an lcd. any help appreciated, thanks.
  16. these came with presoldered headers, both displays had dry joints, discovered after using multimeter to check connections. working now. damned chinese goods.
  17. lol man, checked the other one i have and its got writing, lph7366-3 4850099 z9508389
  18. http://www.ebay.com/itm/84-48-LCD-Module-White-backlight-adapter-pcb-for-Nokia-5110-/140730843931?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item20c436431b
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