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  1. mind drawing up circuit schematic with part numbers/values?
  2. not as good as the $25 chronos with free shipping they had before.
  3. i usually go for 3.3v to keep things standard, but often i will use 3.0v without regulation because thats what alot of coin cell batteries come in such are the cr2032 and cr1225 3.3v regulators could possibly be cheaper then a 3.6v regulator, although there are plenty of cheap adjustable ones, at least then if you target 3.6 with it somebody can resolder the resistor to get a lower output if needed
  4. on my 64bit ubuntu linux with 0009, lib/librxtxSerial.so seems to be called instead of lib/librxtxSerial64.so so i get this error: wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS32 just replacing librxtxserial.so with the librxtxserial64.so seems to have worked but shouldnt this be automatic?
  5. had a couple of designs come back good from seeed. they do 4 layer boards now i think but i dont know if the cost is competitive. green is fine for prototyping.
  6. the first one looks like it has way too much solder. perhaps hand soldered. the olimex is quite relevant.
  7. what model is it. looks like a scope meter, stargate had some big looking meters too.
  8. Whats the cheapest and easiest way for a msp430 to measure its own supply voltage? I am after something pretty accurate. Thanks
  9. msp430 is 3.3v, ds1307 is minimum 4.5 volts, i believe you can connect the VCC of the ds1307 to 5v and the i2c pullups to 3.3v and all gnds together but dont trust me on that. look up on google how to use ds1307 with 3.3v perhaps
  10. why not grab a flux pen. the sparkfun one works ok. https://www.sparkfun.com/products/8967
  11. could it be reacting with your solder(paste) ? where did you buy your flux from?
  12. i tried downloading the latest release the other day and it was very slow, so i gave up at 5mb. took like 10 minutes to get there.
  13. P1DIR |= BIT6; P1DIR &= ~BIT1; P1OUT &= ~BIT6; i think.
  14. chibiace

    chip selection

    http://www.ti.com/lsds/ti/microcontroller/16-bit_msp430/overview.page go there and click series 5 i think you will want one of those.
  15. chibiace


    you really want to be down in the 2-4 dollar area for the lcd. they have a blue version for the same price NHD-C0216CZ-NSW-BBW-3V3
  16. i think the scope to get at this time might be the rigol ds1102e, the ds1052e would be better if you could find an older model which can be hacked to 100mhz. plenty of reviews on youtube. and there are some popular owan products too. personally cant really justify a scope at this price as i can use a multimeter for my current projects. if they come down 100$ then perhaps.
  17. if you run seperate vcc make sure to connect the gnds. you will probably need to move the chip from the launchpad if your programming an external circuit. if you want to program an external device which is powered by a battery you only need to program using the gnd, test, rst pins as the battery provides vcc
  18. chibiace


    very nice. alittle expensive to build though. why not combine something like this and those breadboard power supplies that sit at the end of the board.
  19. didnt they leave a card? the ones over here are if you miss it they will leave a card with instructions, its usually you gotta go pick it up from the depot within 7 days or call/internet them for a redelivery, the most popular company does automatic saturday redelivery. the fedex card here has the signature waiver on the back of it. but its kinda risky, fedex usually redelivers 3 times i think, and its usually the next day.
  20. the build is 32bit i think. if you have a copy of arduino that works you could try borrowing their librxtxSerial.so
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