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  1. Ti seems to lack QFP packages in general, at least they have soic. dont think QFN needs xray just BGA. some QFN have a little bit of exposed pin on the sides of the package. so paste and slightly longer pads could mean it can be hand soldered.
  2. hex is not too bad to work with, say 0x8B is 1000 for 8. and 1011 for B. 0b10001011. why use ccs, whats it got over mspgcc?
  3. yeah that doesnt work. funny enough /usr/bin/eagle already has the export it lists.
  4. updated code to remove if hell. thanks simpleavr
  5. those ones with the sd card slot on the back seem to look alright, can be used as a framebuffer display on the raspberry pi http://harizanov.com/2013/02/1-8-tft-lcd-display-on-raspberry-pi/
  6. lol trying 16mhz now, damn. removed all cycle delays except for 1000 for one sample. heres a video if your interested, had to turn the backlight off for the camera to see it. has a kind of phosphor effect to it.
  7. the display's refresh rate is not too great, plus i am clearing some other lines there. removing some of the delay will make it faster though. doing any average of the samples for the whole sweep might be interesting. and you know on scopes how you can see the overshoot when a power supply turns on, i can see it with mine but because the resolution is set quite low and there are no lines between dots its barely visible.
  8. uploaded a video. in the video im using my bench power supply to change the input.
  9. yeah i knew all those ifs werent too good. i did play around with changing some to char but got some errors and no reduction in code size so i just kept them as ints. the long i have for the voltage uses alot too.
  10. Hey, here is a little piece of code i cobbled together so that i could visualize my adc input and get a value reading along with it. when the line reaches the end of the screen it starts again from the beginning and erases the old line, which was the simplest way i could think of doing it the communication is bitbang and works on msp430g2231 and barely fits on there, tips on how to slim down my flashed code size would be very welcome. thanks to other members on this forum whom i borrowed small bits and pieces from. very fun to adjust the delays and amount of samples
  11. Awesome, more members good for this forum and electronics as a whole.
  12. Hey guys, i was wondering if any of you have seen this problem and know a fix/workaround for it other then not using fglrx drivers. im using ubuntu 12.10 with latest amd drivers 13.3, tried different driver and eagle versions all have the same problem. eagle had worked previously with my nvidia graphics card. i found both of these people have the same problem and posted a new thread over there to see if i can get any results: http://www.element14.com/community/message/73170 http://www.element14.com/community/message/71673
  13. this is what im using void init(void){ P1OUT &= ~SCLK+DIN+DC+CE+RST; __delay_cycles(50000); P1OUT |= RST; P1OUT &= ~CE; shift(instruction, 0x21); shift(instruction, 0xC5); shift(instruction, 0x12); shift(instruction, 0x20); shift(instruction, 0x09); shift(instruction, 0x0C); P1OUT |= CE; } i even removed the delay and it works ok.
  14. maybe put some delays around lcd.begin see if that does anything.
  15. i think on arduino there are 2 interrupts INT0 and INT1 which are pins digital pins 2 and 3. im not sure how this applies to energia though. an easy way to find out may be to just trigger it physically.
  16. soldered in place. theres a couple of posts on the forum about zif sockets, the use case for them is pretty small. like preprogrammed chips for kits, boards that are too small to have either dip sockets or programming pins.
  17. stripboard is great, i like it much better then pad per hole, anything too complex or smd and ill cad up a board and wait the week and a half for a pcb from seeed. i also have my Zif socket launchpad with male headers pointing down under the board so the whole thing can be plugged into a double size breadboard
  18. since it doesnt require many parts to move it off the launchpad, that leads me to think its a programming issue, that or dip sockets are too expensive heres what i do for pcbs
  19. ive done a couple of orders from the store and got them very fast, about a week to NZ. unless you stocked alot more items i dont think i could justify one or two boards with anything higher then the $7.50
  20. All hail our capitalist overlords!
  21. i hear the TL175 leads are pretty nice. does Agilent still have the free multimeter with power supply purchase deal?
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