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  1. heres a photo of a launchpad i soldered a 14pin zif socket to, also originally i had female headers on the side but changed them to male and put them underneath so as to mount on a breadboard. much faster to program large numbers of chips, now if i only had a 20 pdip socket...
  2. ebay is pretty good, free international shipping ftw, although not so good for quick or bulk manufacturing. anything from the texas instruments store is good, very fast shipping(currently free?) with fedex, and they have a good sampling program (also with free fedex shipping). then you have digikey and mouser, very similar to elements14(farnell). depending on country is there minimum order for free shipping.
  3. sorry for the late reply i have been rather busy. the numbers that are described in raw are high and low pulses, the ones that are low have a minus, the number represents the number of microseconds of each pulse. the beginning ones are initiation i believe . i have been working on this in my free time and should have some working code soon i hope.
  4. probably just me but when i tried this on windows it was horribly difficult to use compared to nano, make and mspdebug
  5. hi i am looking for a really simple example of how to send an infrared code like a television remote does with my launchpad. ir led connected to p1.0 the onboard switch on p1.3 i used this http://www.arcfn.com/2009/08/multi-prot ... brary.html with an arduino to get a code in a format that would be useful to me, its what the off button on my tv remote sends..: Decoded SONY: A90 (12 bits) Raw (26): 10240 2500 -550 1250 -550 650 -550 1200 -600 600 -550 1250 -550 650 -550 600 -550 1250 -550 600 -550 650 -500 650 -550 650 any help would be great, im finding it hard to wrap my head a
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