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  1. would somebody mind explaining what or how the default program on these is supposed to work? mine gets stuck on "listen" if the sat board is powered or if the sat board is not present then the lcd displays the sensor values.
  2. i didnt realise you could scroll down on the front page lol doh. and although its nice and clean with community and store, page two looks alot better as the pictures of pcbs interest me and make me want to click on more things. also if you click the down arrow where it points to sponsors it opens the image.
  3. i use nano,gedit and mspdebug with mspdebug rf2500 'prog main.elf' in a script under /usr/bin/
  4. i am interested to know whether places like seeed will cut out the custom shapes for single boards like their 5x5cm 10pc for 10$. like they produced their demo leaf sample. that dangerous prototypes link looks promising. inkscape is not too hard to learn.
  5. heres a picture of mine. got it today (express delivery lol)
  6. this down button thing sounds like a manufacturing defect. still waiting for the postman.
  7. compared to thruhole and a breadboard im not so sure.
  8. computers can be turned OFF???! why not go directly into the soft power switch of the computer? then you can shutdown too.
  9. simple. common transistors like pn2222 should work. msp430 pin is the arduino pin etc. 5v to switch the relay up the top. connect the grounds together on your 5v and msp430's 3v supply. can also add a capacitor next to the diode if getting noise issues
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