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  1. QWERT, First make sure that your timing is correct when you check the pin to receive the bit. I haven't gotten a chance to look at your code in detail yet, but here is how I would debug it if I had more time. First I would check your clock, make sure its at the frequency you expect. some multimeters can do a frequency measurement, oscilloscopes can, so can logic analyzers. if you dont have the tools, thats fine, lets hope your clock is correct. second i would do your math on paper. make sure that you calculated the delay correctly for your clock frequency. how many counts does the
  2. I would agree with plazma, could you make a new post so people will be able to find your code better? It would not only help them, but also the more people looking at your code the faster you will be able to get everything working. When you make a new post, can you answer these questions? First, what do you have working with your code? Does the TX work fine? Or do you transmit nothing? Try to describe in a bit more detail the actual problem you are having, that will make it easier for us to look at your code and help. -NJC _________________________________ http://msp430launchpad.b
  3. I think I have come up with a decent idea on how to create compatible boards that allow the user to play with larger MSP430s and yet still be able to stick to the standards. For example one will be able to use the 5528 with shields that can be used with the LaunchPad, (and not let all those good extras go to waste either). My goal is to make sure everything plays well together. On a similar note I have described my idea for solving the problem with multiple shields have conflict. I'll be posting the proposal hopefully within a week from today. Remember that we have a large variety of proce
  4. One thing I worry about is that some people think the LaunchPad will eventually approach the ease of use the Arduino has. I'm not sure that ever will happen, it's possible but I don't think likely. The only reason I am waiting for there to be some interest is because if there is no interest there will be no acceptance of a standard. It will be hard to get people to adhere to a standard if it only has the support of a small silly blog like mine. The users have to demand standardization for suppliers to listen. :-P I am probably over thinking this. I'm writing a bit each day and eventually w
  5. Thanks for the suggestions guys! Also, note that I've verified that the MSP430F2013 works in the socket on the LaunchPad. The 2013 is the chip I am using for my project. So, I have started writing up a proposal for a standard since there seems to be a little interest based on my blog comments. If the desire grows, I will work on it more and finish sooner. I agree with a few things you mentioned gatesphere, I think documentation is important for any shield, but I would not want to require every shield to provide the schematic and have silk screening to meet a standard to get on some kind of
  6. Will do. I'm waiting till there's enough interest though before I start working on it again. It's a fairly large undertaking (at least to do it correctly). My next post will discuss it a bit more. -NJC ________________________________ http://msp430launchpad.blogspot.com
  7. @gatesphere It definitely would be possible to create an ethernet/wifi sheild for the LaunchPad, all you really need is an SPI or I2C (any communication interface really) interface to send and receive data. See the Spark Fun link below for a wifi device that could easily be integrated into the LaunchPad. http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/produc ... ts_id=9333 Great idea with the audio synthesis shield, sometimes I get so engulfed in my own project I forget that there are other things out there to play with! :-) @everyone & bluehash I spent a bit of time today researching th
  8. No Chronos for me (yet?). I haven't started thinking about wireless, but when I do I need something with super low current draw, and pretty fast communication speed; generally those two things don't play nicely together. Do you happen to know what the maximum speed of the wireless link is? And what kind of current it draws when it's transmitting at full speed? It seems like a pretty cool device, the problem for me is that I don't have too much time to play around with things that don't pertain to my project directly since it's pretty hardcore. Maybe one day soon though. About the Launc
  9. I'm using my LaunchPad to program the MSP430F2013 chip and the MSP430F5528 chip. I have will have upwards of 8 (eventually many more) 2013 chips which will be using the SD 16 ADC, which will serially send the data to the 5528 which will organize it a bit, do some preprocessing and then send the data to the computer using its USB peripheral. There are so many possibilities since it can be used to program other MSP430's. Eventually what I want to do though is make my whole data logging application wireless, and consume such little power that batteries are barely worth worrying about. That co
  10. I ordered a total of three. Two from Digikey and one from the TI store with the 64 pin target board for the 5528 chip using the half off coupon. Got the two LaunchPads from Digikey about 4 days after ordering, and received the target board from TI also, but still no LaunchPad from TI directly. I have a bone to pick with TI though about the 5528 target board.... Hope everyone gets their soon. NJC _________________________________ http://msp430launchpad.blogspot.com
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