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    greenitguy got a reaction from cubeberg in Cymbet Eval Kit Contest & Discount   
    I have the CBC-EVAL-10 kit that works beautifully with the MSP430 Launchpad.
    More details here:
    http://e2e.ti.com/group/msp430launchpad ... chpad.aspx
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    greenitguy reacted to RobG in MTK3339 GPS   
    This is how the GPS logger board looks like.
    I realized that I don't have any TSSOP EEPROMs on hand (and I am bit tired,) so I will do the testing in few days.


    If you don't need to use the battery, you can just cut it off.


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    greenitguy reacted to gwdeveloper in SimpliciTI RF wireless for the Launchpad   
    Should be fixed. See this thread http://www.43oh.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=26&t=2876 as to why I pulled most of my code from here and around the web; github and TI's e2e.
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    greenitguy reacted to bluehash in [Group Buy-5][D]MTK3339 GPS + BoosterPack - $14.26   
    I'll send you one. I also sent you a PM immediately after the GB.
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    greenitguy got a reaction from SugarAddict in $4.30 LCD Booster - Sold Out   
    Got my LCD Boosters a few days ago. thanks for the 'SugarAddict 4ever' note
    Soldering the headers right now to get it working !
    Thanks SugarAddict !!
    BTW, I had suggested a GPS group buy and got a few folks interested. Please let me know your thoughts / comments about doing a similar 43oh store limited sell. I can help get in an order of 10 from my local hackerspace to get started
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    greenitguy reacted to RobG in Nokia 7110 Library   
    Here's my version of Nokia 7110 library.
    Just text for now, but graphics will be included later on.

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    greenitguy reacted to SugarAddict in $4.30 LCD Booster - Sold Out   
    Store Link : The $4.30 LCD BoosterPack - Limited Edition
    So I've been working on this for a little while now... I'll get a prototype of the mounting spacer from the CNC shop around the 9th... I have some boards already that were made purely for testing the footprint, lcd, and code. I've already got a batch of the production PCB's on order that are to make sure everything is good before I order a crapload of them... I'm looking at doing 100 of these.

    Rob-LCDBack.pdf <-- This is the mounting spacer's general idea in 2d, working with the CNC to get it all perfect.
    I will be using the Nokia 7110 LCD... dipmicro still has a fair stock of them, I'm going to order 100 of them when I get my next paycheck.
    I will be taking a minor loss to make this happen at $4.30 each, it's still cheaper than a day at the slopes!
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    greenitguy reacted to bluehash in Sub 1GHz Wireless modules   
    We can start a group buy for this. There is already a current gb for the CC2500 from the same vendor. We'll be able to combine and save on shipping if many people are interested. I can also buy and keep some in the shop.
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    greenitguy reacted to SugarAddict in $4.30 LCD Booster - Sold Out   
    And a little later... they are all done. Please post if you find something inside one hahaha I'll have these nicely packaged up tomorrow and in the mail to bluehash Friday!! Man, I feel like I accomplished something Hope you all enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen: 8-)
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    greenitguy reacted to MattTheGeek in [Group Buy-3][D]CC2500 Breakout/BoosterPack   
    Ok, all domestic orders are packed and ready for mailing tomorrow... Now i can sleep... (International requires going to the post office, so it will be a day or two later)
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    greenitguy reacted to gwdeveloper in SimpiciTI Tutorial for CC2500   
    This tutorial is meant to provide simple instruction to prepare a SimpliciTI wireless project using the TI Launchpad and CC2500 radio. Currently, CCSv5.1 will compile this program but have a few syntax errors. They can be ignored for now. CCSv4 will compile with no issues.

    Please feel free to critique and ask questions. It helps to make us all better.

    Part 1 of 2

    Hardware Needed:
    Launchpad with MSP430G2553
    CC2500 Radio (several variants available; MDFLY CC2500 breakout or ez430-RF2500t)
    (will insert an image of various hardware versions from TI to DIY)

    Software Needed:
    TI's CCS v5.1 http://processors.wi...hp/Download_CCS
    SimpliciTI 1.1.1 for CCS http://www.ti.com/tool/simpliciti
    LP_G2553.zip (launchpad BSP for simpliciTI)
    2274_SimpliciTI_Toggle.zip (only needed for RF2500T used as slave; it will disable the cpu and set up peripherals to toggle leds) 2274_SimpliciTI_Toggle.zip

    Step 1: Install Softwares.

    - Install CCS v5 OR V6 for the MSP430 (if you don't already use CCS)
    - Install SimpliciTI 1.1.1 (make note of the install directory; we'll use C:\Texas Instruments\SimpliciTI-CCS-1.1.1)
    - unzip LP_G2553.zip bsp files to C:\Texas Instruments\SimpliciTI-CCS-1.1.1\Components\bsp\boards
    - modified vlo_rand library for easy address assignment will be unzipped later
    - for RF2500T, unzip 2274_SimpliciTI_Toggle.zip to your current CCS workspace
    --- this project will need to be imported to CCS via Project -> Import Existing CCS Project

    Step 2: Create CCS Project

    -File -> New CCS Project
    -Give project name. Select MSP430 Family and MSP430G2553 as variant. Connection should be left to default and Empty Project selected for template.

    Step 4: Create project file structure

    -Now you will need to open the SimpliciTI\components folder.
    --- for eg; C:\Texas Instruments\SimpliciTI-CCS-1.1.1\Components
    (after the following actions, select "Link To" for the copy action)
    -- drag 3 files from ..\bsp to the bsp project folder
    -- drag 3 files from ..\mrfi to the mrfi project folder
    -- drag all files from ..\Simpliciti\nwk to nwk project folder
    -- drag all files from ..\Simpliciti\nwk_applications folder to nwk applications project folder
    -We'll borrow the nwk .dat files from the EZ430RF project
    --drag smpl_nwk_config.dat from \SimpliciTI-CCS-1.1.1\Projects\Examples\eZ430RF\Simple_Peer_to_Peer\CCS\Configuration to the configuration project folder.
    --drag smpl_config.dat from \SimpliciTI-CCS-1.1.1\Projects\Examples\eZ430RF\Simple_Peer_to_Peer\CCS\Configuration\End_Device to the end device project folder.

    end of part 1. (limited due to 5 attachments per entry)
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    greenitguy reacted to larsie in Anaren TI CC110L RF AIR Booster Pack   
    I was similarly frustrated with Anaren but especially TI for a short while, until I realized that TI actually have some simple example RF code out there in nice BSD licenses. That's the code that https://github.com/mobilars/LarsRF is based on. So I've forgiven them ... especially since the sell their Launchpad device at such a DIY-friendly price, which must be below their cost even at the large volume they are making it. They deserve a lot of credit for that.
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    greenitguy reacted to RobG in Group Buy request- GPS module for $15-20   
    I am in, probably 2 pcs.
    We should also try HopeRF, they have few modules that are <$10 I think.
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    greenitguy reacted to bluehash in [Group Buy-4][O]Wiznet WizFi210 WiFi Radio Module   
    Hello All,
    Good news. Wiznet has agreed to discount their serial wifi chip - WizFi210 if we can get a bulk order of 25 out to them. They will ship directly to us.

    A booster pack has been made over here.
    25 Wiznet WizFi210 Radio Modules @ 26.95 each. This is less than what can be found online.
    I'll be adding $1.71 for shipping to you guys...enough for two radios.
    If you are interested, please add your name below :thumbup: :
    1. Bluehash-----------------2
    Thanks to Wiznet :thumbup: for working closely with us.
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    greenitguy reacted to MattTheGeek in [Group Buy-3][D]CC2500 Breakout/BoosterPack   
    Alright, thank you everyone! The order is being sent to seeedstudio. I'll update the main post with status.
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    greenitguy reacted to bluehash in [Group Buy-2][D]CC2500 RF Module - GB2   
    -----------Shipped from Vendor----------
    This was our second most successful group buy. Thanks for participating! Please let me know if you are interested in anything else. Doing this also helps get products to the store.
    Ok people.. Price for each radio is going to be $1.58. To see what you are going to have to pay, please visit this google spreadsheet link and verify my math.
    Shipping is via DHL($45) with tracking(3-4 days, within a week). This is where a GB comes most handy along with lower prices. Thanks for participating.
    Payment email: g s e q . b u s i n e s s (at) g m a i l . c o m
    Remove the spaces.
    For those who have not yet paid, please select "gift"...and I would be grateful if you pay the fee. It is ~5% for each transaction. Eg: for a $10 transaction, it will be a 0.50 fee. This adds up.
    Bluehash ------25(PAID)(SHIPPED)
    Lars------------10(I)(PAID)( Thanks for the beer! )(SHIPPED)
    Since many people are asking about it, I'm ready to start another one. The previous group buy can be viewed here. It will be nice to get to 20 pieces. I can match it upto 50 for the Store. Your chance to get it at a much lower price. These are the modules.
    I'll try to keep the same price range depending on the deal they give me. It may fluctuate upto a $1.50 upward.
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    greenitguy reacted to gwdeveloper in Anaren TI CC110L RF AIR Booster Pack   
    Here's an updated CCS project for the Anaren Air Booster Pack. It's quite obvious they're not familiar with CCS. Included directories are very vague and leave header includes looking like "../../../HAL/HAL.h" instead of simply, "HAL.h". The code is a mess as well as the project's documentation lacks notes on how to configure the CCS project.
    CCS v5.1 Project
    CCS v4.2 Project
    Originally, it required you to create a new workspace in the /Firmware folder then import the project. With this project, you can import into any workspace.
    2 warnings exist after compiling but don't seem to cause malfunction.
    Consider this repair in the BETA stages, there are a few more changes that should be made for all-round usability but it works to get it going and test it.
    NOTE: This is a CCS project you need to import. In CCS, click "Project -> Import Existing CCS Project" then browse to the unzipped project folder.
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    greenitguy got a reaction from larsie in [Group Buy-2][D]CC2500 RF Module - GB2   
    Can you please sign me up for 6 please?
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    greenitguy reacted to bluehash in [Group Buy-2][D]CC2500 RF Module - GB2   
    Bluehash ------25
    Rob-------------4(or 2)
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    greenitguy reacted to SugarAddict in $4.30 LCD Booster - Sold Out   
    And this is what 100 LCD's looks like...
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    greenitguy reacted to turd in [Group Buy-1][D]CC2500 RF Module   
    Yep, I've got six board left. PM me your address and I'll mail a pair out asap.
    Keep in mind they don't come with pins but if you really need some I'll desolder some.
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    greenitguy reacted to gwdeveloper in SimpliciTI RF wireless for the Launchpad   
    With the group buy for CC2500 radios happening soon, I though everyone might want easy access to software and get up and running with wireless super fast.
    The conversion was pretty simple to get SimpliciTI running on the MSP430G2553. It uses UCBO on P1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7. P2.6 and 2.7 were used for GDO0 and GDO2 but these can be changed if needed. The led on P1.0 is used for a connection indicator. Of course, the jumper on 1.6 must be removed.
    Unzip the attached file to your SimpliciTI\bsp\boards folders.

    C:\Texas Instruments\SimpliciTI-CCS-1.1.1\Components\bsp\boards\LP_G2553
    It will work with MDFLY's CC2500 radio http://www.mdfly.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=8_52&products_id=880&zenid=hqoogv1qn7ler204vb7vjkior3, the group buy CC2500 radio http://www.43oh.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=22&t=1873, and TI's RF2500T http://www.ti.com/tool/ez430-rf2500t.
    I'm working on a demo project to post here as well as a short tutorial on getting a basic SimpliciTI project started in CCS.
    On a side note, this will not work in CCSv5.1 yet. The new compiler creates numerous Syntax errors. It compiles and works just fine with CCSv4.
    EDIT: After changing the optimization level and ignoring the syntax errors, it compiles and runs just fine from CCS v5.1!
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    greenitguy reacted to turd in [Group Buy-1][D]CC2500 RF Module   
    I have eight more adapter boards to give away.
    If anyone wants a pair let me know.
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