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  1. Hello Hari, If you are from India or Bangalore you can contact the nonprofit IOT community : Www.iotblr.org They have a very active iot module development community on meetup and Facebook.
  2. Thanks so much Bluehash ! I sent you a PM with the details.
  3. Isn't it ironic that I requested the group buy but missed it thanks to crazy work-life balance over the last few months. Does anyone have a spare module or two that I can buy? I will buy the PCB from the 43oh store. Thanks !
  4. Got my LCD Boosters a few days ago. thanks for the 'SugarAddict 4ever' note Soldering the headers right now to get it working ! Thanks SugarAddict !! BTW, I had suggested a GPS group buy and got a few folks interested. Please let me know your thoughts / comments about doing a similar 43oh store limited sell. I can help get in an order of 10 from my local hackerspace to get started viewtopic.php?f=22&t=2431
  5. I have the CBC-EVAL-10 kit that works beautifully with the MSP430 Launchpad. More details here: http://e2e.ti.com/group/msp430launchpad ... chpad.aspx
  6. The MTK3339 is back in stock. http://www.aliexpress.com/product-gs/53 ... alers.html Looks like the current interest is for a total of around 20 pieces. May be we can do a group buy of around 30 pieces with the extra pieces available for sale in the 43oh store. Bluehash- This has gotten me wondering. Is it possible to do a pre-order page for group buy items. Once the threshold of minimum order quantity is reached everyone gets billed automatically? Suggestions / advice is welcome
  7. It seems that all the MTK3339 modules are sold out. The word got out fast after adafruit started stocking them
  8. Any word from your local Post Office on the missing packages?
  9. Do you have the HopeRF GPS details and a source? It may be worthwhile to check them out I vaguely remember reading sometime ago that HopeRF GPS have some bugs/ issues. A quick google search shows that the HopeRF module needs an external antenna. I picked the MTK chipset one only because DIYDrones tested a bunch of different GPS modules and recommends it. Sparkfun sells a GPS based on the older MTK3329 for $60 :roll: http://www.sparkfun.com/products/8975
  10. No problem- your post made me realize that I should have linked to the datasheet and added details. Thanks !! My bad. It looked very similar.
  11. dkedr, Found datasheet here: http://api.ning.com/files/FOHnxAzm7tC4g ... asheet.pdf 3.2-5V main and 2-4.3V battery backup That is a different module. I have updated the post with the corrected link, summary specifications and datasheet link. Feel free to suggest a better value GPS module. Thanks !
  12. Hello friends, I ran across this Mediatek MTK3339 based GPS module on Aliexpress- this is one vendor among many selling for around the same price band (<$15 for individual module) http://www.aliexpress.com/product-gs/53 ... alers.html Vcc= 3.0V to 4.3V (3.3v typical) Vripple must be less than 50mV Optional Vbackup for internal RTC & fast fix= 2.0V~4.3V, Typical 3.0V Current Consumption= 25mA acquisition, 20mA tracking Update Rate= 1Hz (default), maximum 10Hz DGPS= SBAS(default) [QZSS,WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS,GAGAN] Time to Fix= Hot start: 1 second typical, Warm start: 33 seconds typical, Cold start: 35 seconds typical Product details (datasheet, software,etc): http://www.gtop-tech.com/jsf/moduleprod ... 2b6b346643 Just want to see if others are interested and willing to do a group order. MTK3339 is reputed to be the best GPS chip for its price currently available. It is also very low power as far as GPS modules go. They can probably remove the 60K feet height limit on request for a large order- this will make ballooning projects for the MSP430 feasible I would like to buy a few of these but I do not have the time available to setup a group order. I think ~$20 including US domestic shipping is possible. The CC2500 group order worked out very well and it would be great to get good GPS modules as well. Please let me if this is feasible - advice / suggestions from senior members like Bluehash are welcome ! Thanks and looking forward to your reply. EDIT1: fixed link to the correct MTK3339 based module and added link to design house's website for product details EDIT2: added summary specifications from datasheet EDIT3: added current interest ---- Current interest: RobG: 2 dkedr: 4 caa028: 3 GreenITguy: 3 Total: 12
  13. received mine a few days ago ... awesome !! :thumbup:
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