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    In assembly language programs, how about storing const strings, two characters per word, inline with your code? There will be two (2) words overhead for each string plus a one time cost of fourteen (14) words for a PutStr subroutine. The subroutine pulls the string address from the stack, prints the string, then returns to the instruction immediately following the inline string. This method should save a bunch of memory when you have more than one const string to print.
    Food for thought. Kind regards, Mike

    call #PutStr ; print "in-line" const string .char "Test",10,13,0 ; "text" + + + 0 terminator

    PutStr ; { Mike McLaren } 14 words mov.w @SP, R9 ; copy return addr to R9 bump mov.b @R9+, R12 ; copy string char to R12 tst.b R12 ; end of string? jz wrap ; yes, branch, else call #Put232 ; output the character and jmp bump ; loop wrap bit.b #1, R9 ; an odd return address? jz exit ; no, branch, else inc.w R9 ; force word boundary exit mov.w R9, 0(SP) ; update the return address ret ; ret to 1st instruct after string
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