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  1. thanks! that's exactly what i was looking for! one more question regarding this, is there a way that i can change the frequency without recompile the project? (for example, if the device reached X temperature, then run with 1.5mhz, if the device reached Y temperature, then run 3mhz and etc)
  2. thanks for the respond! i started to read the section of fMCLK 5.8 but i didn't understood how i need to flash those configurations is there some tutorial or example?
  3. the library using SoftwareSerial, which the msp432 doesn't work with, or i'm wrong? (when i try to compile it, it doesn't find the SoftwareSerial)
  4. is it possible to underclock or overclock the device? i mean, for example i need it just to use 50% of it's power, is there a way to it limit itself to a specific configuration? i want the msp432 to take as much low power as possible(will be battery powered)
  5. Hi, is there any example or a library like tinygps++ for msp432? just to read coordinates from the tx\rx
  6. Is there some simple example of how to read the internal temperature of the device?
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