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    radcliffkaty1 reacted to zeke in IPC training information   
    Just to follow up ...
    I found another website tonight called http://www.soldertraining.com/. 
    It is another excellent resource for electronic assembly knowledge.
    I find the Standards & Manuals - Design attractive and I am considering purchasing a set for myself. 
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    radcliffkaty1 reacted to zeke in IPC training information   
    A  ridiculously long time ago, I took PACE solder training. At the time, someone said it was the training program that NASA employees had to take to be one of their solder jockies.  I’m count it as one of the best investments that I ever made in my career. I think of soldering as one of my superpowers now. 
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    Hey, thanks for the IPC Certification stuff. I also have gone through these certifications and would like to suggest BEST Inc (https://ipctraining.com/) for getting the best training in IPC. They have experienced IPC trainers and also offer Mobile training facility as well. Also, one more training center is there near Illinois i.e EPTAC Training Center(https://www.eptac.com/) which is in good competition with BEST Inc.
    Out of these two, you can choose any.
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    By the way, this is the light level sensor we went with: http://www.acuitybrands.com/products/detail/147289/Sensor-Switch/CM-PC-ADC/Photocell-Dimming-Ceiling-Low-Volt
    Kind of expensive at ~$140, but when you need it NOW, hehe you usually end up paying through the nose.
    Eventually we may end up designing our own sensors, if there is a need . . . Problem is, finding good enclosures for a decent price.
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    radcliffkaty1 got a reaction from zeke in PCB Calculator Programs   
    All these shared files have a lot of learning material. Thanks, @zeke for these helpful files. 😍
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    radcliffkaty1 reacted to MattTheGeek in PCB Calculator Programs   
    And for those high current PCBs, A trace width calculator.
    http://circuitcalculator.com/wordpress/ ... alculator/
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