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  1. radcliffkaty1

    PCB Standards

    I think you need to share that link again because this URL also gone.
  2. radcliffkaty1

    IPC training information

    Hey, thanks for the IPC Certification stuff. I also have gone through these certifications and would like to suggest BEST Inc (https://ipctraining.com/) for getting the best training in IPC. They have experienced IPC trainers and also offer Mobile training facility as well. Also, one more training center is there near Illinois i.e EPTAC Training Center(https://www.eptac.com/) which is in good competition with BEST Inc. Out of these two, you can choose any.
  3. radcliffkaty1

    Industrial / commercial sensors

    It's old but a great conversation about sensors. Glad to see this post 😍
  4. radcliffkaty1

    What are you doing right now..?

    Right now, I am looking for some stuff to work on. Grabbing some ideas from all of your posts. 😂
  5. radcliffkaty1

    PCB Calculator Programs

    All these shared files have a lot of learning material. Thanks, @zeke for these helpful files. 😍
  6. radcliffkaty1

    Hello, New Here!!!

    Thanks for welcoming me. And yes, I also think so that this is a good place to start. I found many interesting topics here.
  7. radcliffkaty1

    Hello, New Here!!!

    Hello, My name is Katy Radcliff basically from Illinois. I am new here to this forum and to this field as well. Came here to grab some good learning and practical stuff. Regards, Katy