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  1. Hi, Does anybody have an idea of when will energia ide support Hercules TMS570LS04x/03x LaunchPad is gonna release? Can we add that board to energia? If yes, can anybody suggest in how to add a new board to energia so that i shall try adding it. Thanks
  2. venkatesh223

    Hercules support in Energia?

    Hi, When is the support for hercules launchpad is added?
  3. venkatesh223

    MSP430FR6989 pins_energia file

    Hi there, I've seen that the pins_energia file for MSP430FR6989 is designed for launchpad itself. So i,m developing a custom board using MSP430FR6989 will that same pin out file with the launchpad pin numbers can be used, or is there any pins_energia file only for that IC with all the pin numbers for each pin, or should i modify it accordingly?, if needed to modify then what changes can i do to make it compatible please help. Thank you
  4. Hi, Iam planning to make a project which involves GPS and GSM ive decided to use the Quectel MC60 for this purpose. Can anyone here guide me on how to do this like the libraries required references, example codes . Thanks
  5. venkatesh223

    MSP430FR6989 FRAM example code for energia

    Thanks @Rei Vilo
  6. Hi, Can anyone provide me the links or code for basic read and write example on FRAM of MSP430FR6989 on energia?
  7. Hello, Im getting an error while compiling the 128x64 LCD u8g2 library on msp430fr6989. I tried the hello world code on it full buffer. I complied the same code on msp432p401r it compiled and even the display worked but the same code when changed the board to FR6989 its says fatal error assert.h no such file or directory, the screen shot is attached below. Please help me with it. Thank you U8g2_Arduino-master.zip
  8. venkatesh223

    128x64 Graphical lcd display interface with MSP432 or 430

    Thank you for the reply. it helped a lot
  9. Hello there, I have 128x64 graphical dot matrix display lying around with the driver ST7567, so ive been thinking can i interface it with msp432 or 430? i found a library for arduino in github but when i added the library to energia and compiled it i get the following error attached below. I have attached the library and the screen shots below, in that library there are for many lcd controllers i selected " U8G2_ST7567_JLX12864_F_4W_SW_SPI" it worked out fine on arduino. can any one help me out?? U8g2_Arduino-master.zip
  10. Hi, Can anybody provide me the links for some energia examples or lcd drivers for the on board lcd of msp430fr6989 launchpad. Thank you
  11. venkatesh223

    MSP432P401R SD card interface

    Thank you for the reply @Rei Vilo Ill try changing the SD card and test again.
  12. venkatesh223

    MSP432P401R SD card interface

    I use a Sandisk ultra SDHC 16Gb . No i did not try different cards. And the SPI bus isnt shared with any other devices
  13. venkatesh223

    MSP432P401R SD card interface

    I tried the same code and the same SD card with Arduino uno, the card was detected. So what might be the possible reasons for not getting detected with MSP432P401R ??, even though the connections are right.
  14. venkatesh223

    MSP432P401R SD card interface

    Thank you for your reply. @terjeio Can you please provide me the link of SD card example on the TI SDK. And it would be helpful if you can tell me the pin configuration with the msp432p401r . Will give it a try using CCS and see is it the same or not.