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  1. fabytm

    G2553 UART issues

    1. It happened at some point, however, I don't remember exactly when. 2. I am using the latest version of Energia for both Mac and W10. I have tried with IAR 6 on Windows 10 as well. 3. I uploaded the sketch (This one is not the one used when I tried to see the UART output in the terminal. A simple program written in C was used for that, its sole purpose is to send "a" via UART as soon as the UART module is available by polling the UCA0TXIFG flag). while (!(IFG2&UCA0TXIFG)); UCA0TXBUF = 'a'; gps.ino
  2. fabytm

    G2553 UART issues

    Hey guys, I'm having some problems with my G2553 Launchpad. For some time now, the UART functionality has not functioned. I'm now sending the character "a" through the HW UART (Jumpers are positioned correctly) and what I get on my computer is completely different. I tried this in Windows 10, W7, macOS Mojave, even through the physical P1.1 and P1.2 ports to a Raspberry Pi and the result is the same. https://imgur.com/a/yd90MIw I also tried receiving data from a GPS module via UART and the data I received was unusable (the length of data was as expected, but the characters were gibberish). Has anyone had something similar happen to them?
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