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  1. How can I program my LauchPad on terminal. Do you guys any know about it?
  2. My luck in the world 😢 Why does arduino not giving me error about those silly warnings ? Arduino works on Linux greatfull. Thank you for replying me. SOLUTION: Windows on VIRTUALBOX
  3. I have a 64 bit machine Linux Mint. I had tried version 6,7 and 8 of CCS. I have already added my user to the dialout group
  4. Hi Guys! I have MSP430 EXP LauchPad for my course. I want to program this lauchpad on Linux Mint but I have some troubles about that. Firstly, I downloaded Code Composer Studio to work on it but I had a error about port FET. Now I decided to download Energia, it looks like arduino IDE that is why I know about cart and port settings. My trouble on Energia is on the picture:
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