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  1. I am currently trying to connect my Launchpad MSP432E401Y to energia and run the basic "Blink" example. I can get my board to connect using CCS but cannot get a basic file to compile to my Board. I am running Energia 1.8.7E20 on windows 10, and have the MSP432E Ethernet RED boards installed. My error message is: Exit status 1. Error compiling for board LaunchPad w/ msp432E EMT (120MHz).
  2. Hello I am new to Microcontrollers and currently have to use one for a design project in school. I have been reading about using Energia for my MSP432E401Y Launchpad and when installing it talks about what drivers need to be installed. None of the ones specified are the MCU I am using, so i was wondering what needs to be installed in order to use Energia to code this.
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