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    moihussain reacted to SugarAddict in Need help with crystals   
    Crystal Required Capacitance * 2 - 2 = Capacitor Value
    SLAA322 shows this:
    Crystal requires 12 pF load.
    Parasitic capacitance per pin is 2 pF.
    CL1 = (2 x CLoad)
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    moihussain reacted to fatihinanc in Need help with crystals   
    Due to the integrated capaticance, don't require use an external capacitor.
    You only need to a 32.768kHZ crystal.
    As shown in the picture on below;

    For the UART. You simply reference to code examples from TI.
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    moihussain reacted to cde in need help with LCD interface to MSP430f149   
    Depends on 3 things. The tolerances of the lcd (0.7 * lcd vdd is normal), the voltage the msp430 is running at (3.5v on the launchpad), and the voltage the pins are putting out (3.3v or 3.2v max on the msp430 running 3.5v, while under very minimal current load). So it depends.
    My lcd worked like that. If i power my msp430 at 3.3 or 3v, probably not.
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